City of Stepenavik

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City of Stepenavik
  Former city and capital of Zealandia  
Logo of the City of Stepenavik

Nickname(s): The City, Det Stad
Motto: Zeelandiens huvudstad
Country Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Federation of Zealandia
Canton Denton
Founded 28 November 2012
 - Lord Mayor His Majesty Håkon, the Grand Duke
 - Total 3
Demonym Stepenaviker
Time zone Zealandian Normal Time
Location 17 KM Sydney

The City of Stepenavik was the capital of the Federation of Zealandia and a major economic and political hub of Zealandia. The City had three wards until it was dissolved forcibly by Australian residents.


  • Zammin

Situated primary on Zammin Square

  • Palme

Situated primarily around Olof Palme Square

  • Kitchen

Situated around Köttbullar Place

Political and Media Activites

Olof Palme Square contained the headquarters of Zealandian Media Group AB, the largest media corporation in Zealandia as well as the former Royal Office, the hub of Zealandian Political activities.

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