Moderate Party of Zealandia

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Moderate of Zealandia
Modurna Flokkurinn von Zålandien
Moderaterna Partiet
Party PresidentPingu Pikaviksson
FoundedFebruary, 2012
Split fromZealandian National Party
HeadquartersTyrshavn, Zealandia
Liberal conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
Official coloursBlue
Seats in Riksdag
1 / 5
Regional Seats
0 / 10
County Governors
0 / 5
0 / 12

The Moderate Party of Zealandia (MPZ) is a political party in Zealandia. The MPZ was established in February 2012 following the "reset" of Zealandia. It is currently in a grand coalition with the ZApLI.

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