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Title screen
Developer(s)Grant Bruns
Publisher(s)Gruntioli Studios
Director(s)Grant Bruns
Producer(s)Carson Snyder
Designer(s)Grant Bruns
Programmer(s)Grant Bruns
Artist(s)Grant Bruns
Writer(s)Grant Bruns
EngineGamemaker Studio 2.0
Release15 August 2020
Genre(s)Platformer shooter

Pixeria is a single-player platformer shooter developed by Gruntioli Studios released on 15 August 2020 for Microsoft Windows. The central goal of the game is to collect at least thirty of the fifty waffles, in-game collectibles, to beat the game. The game takes heavy inspiration from Super Mario 64 in many of its mechanics such as its primary goal being centered around collectibles similar to the Power Stars present in Super Mario 64.

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