Phillip Joseph Pillin ministry

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Phillip Joseph Pillin ministry
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg
24th ministry of the State of Vishwamitra
Portrait of Phillip Joseph Pillin.png
Portrait of Phillip Joseph Pillin
Date formed21 October 2021 (2021-10-21)
Date dissolved22 November 2021 (2021-11-22)
People and organisations
Head of stateDhrubajyoti Roy
Head of governmentPhillip Joseph Pillin (caretaker)
No. of ministers4
Member parties
PredecessorFirst Farhaz Hazarika ministry
SuccessorSecond Farhaz Hazarika ministry

The Phillip Joseph Pillin ministry was the 24th Council of Ministers of the State of Vishwamitra headed by Prime Minister of Vishwamitra Phillip Joseph Pillin. The ministry was formed on 21 October 2021 as a caretaker ministry, a month ahead of the 2021 November general election to be held in mid-November 2021. The ministry was dissolved on 22 November 2021 and was replaced by the Second Farhaz Hazarika ministry.


The ministry composed of the caretaker Prime Minister Phillip Joseph Pillin and three other cabinet ministers viz. Matthew Griffin, Carson Snyder, and Patrick Kenny.

Cabinet Ministers

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Minister of National Development
Minister of Planning, Personnel, and Public Grievances
Minister of Culture
And all other important portfolios and policy issues not allocated to any Minister.
21 October 202122 November 2021 Independent
Minister of Defence
Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs
Minister of Education
Minister of Information and Broadcasting
21 October 202122 November 2021 Independent
Minister of Home Affairs
Minister of Cabinet Affairs
Minister of Law and Justice
Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation
21 October 202122 November 2021 Independent
Minister of External Affairs
Minister of Health, Hygiene, and the Swachhta Mission
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Minister of Religious and Minority Affairs
21 October 202122 November 2021 Independent