Nina I of Montrouge

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Her Serene Highness
Nina I of Montrouge
Princess of Montrouge, Duchess of Vallieus, Colonel of the Royal Cavalary, OSB
Princess of Montrouge
Reign January 3, 2013 - present
Coronation January 10, 2013
Preceded by Office established
House Montrouge-Szeraszewicz
Father H.H. Louis I of Montrouge
Mother H.H. Anna I of Szeraszewicz
Born 02-12-1993
Religion Church of Pavlov

Nina I of Montrouge (born Nina P., December the 2th) is a Montrougeux Royal.

She is the founder of the Principality of Montrouge, she is it's First and Incumbent Princess. When she first met Deniz II of Pavlov, in early October 2012 she was a citizen of Pavlov. On the 31th of December 2012 she decided to start her own micronation and was aided by Deniz II of Pavlov.

Monarchical Styles of
Nina I of Montrouge
Reference style Her Serene Highness
Son Altesse Sérénissime
Spoken style Your Serene Highness
Votre Altesse Sérénissime
Alternative style Mademoiselle

Personal life

Nina is a student of international business in one of the biggest universities in France, she is a fluent speaker of French, Polish and Russian she is also able to speak English and German in a normal way.

Titles, Awards and Decorations

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