Miles I of Quixotica

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His Serene and Royal Highness
Miles I
Miles Caledonius Rex
King of Quixotica,
Kaizar of the Quixots,
and Founder of Quixotica

King of Quixotica
Reign April 11, 2017 - August 3, 2018
Predecessor None, Monarchy established
Successor Stephanie Eaton
Prime Minister(s) Dylan Light
Stephanie Eaton
1st Quixotican Minister of Foreign Relations
In office April 5, 2018 - June 16, 2018
Predecessor None, position vacant
Successor Esther Eaton
1st Quixotican Minister of the Interior
In office November 11, 2017 - June 16, 2018
Predecessor None, position vacant
Successor Lori Eaton
Representative of Redemption Hill
In office June 6, 2017 - June 16, 2018
Predecessor None, Peerage established
Successor Esther Eaton
Marquis of the Quixotican Far West
Reign July 5, 2017 - June 16, 2018
Predecessor None, Peerage established
Successor Esther Eaton
House Eaton
Born 1998
Colorado, U.S.
Religion Protestant Christian

HS&RH King Miles I is the founder of Quixotica and its first ever monarch. Being the first monarch Miles is responsible for not only the Quixotican Constitution, but the creation of the Advisory Council, the Premiership, the Prime Minister's cabinet, the Quixotican Standards of Universal Measurement, and the nation in general.

Early life

Miles was born in 1998 in Colorado in the United States. He is the youngest of three children.

Miles began simulating politics on his own at the age of nine, but only became aware of the concept of micronations in 2011. Over the course of his short life, Miles has held high office in over 20 different long-term micronations, however, Quixotica is the first one to have an internet presence.

Reign as Monarch

Early Reign

Miles founded the Kingdom of Quixotica during a moment of sudden inspiration on April 11, 2017. The founding document, known simply as the "Quixotican Proclamation of Nationhood", was made purposefully tongue-in-cheek and thus cited Miles' imagination as the legal basis for his nation's sovereignty. Quixotica, originally envisioned as an almost fantasy realm, quickly became an adhocratic oligarchy among his friends. He began appointing his various cohorts, family, and closest friends to leadership positions within the nobility, and soon formed the Advisory Council and its leadership. He gave the job of representing that council as the Prime Minister to his long-time best friend Dylan Light, and the position of Deputy Prime Minister to Michael Pudak. He appointed members of his family to represent the capital, and his other friends, Cory and Jack, to manage their very own constituencies.

On June 6, 2017 Miles incorporated the City of Redemption Hill, appointing his family and by extension himself as representatives of the new constituency. Later that same month, on the 17th, Redemption Hill became the new capital city of Quixotica.

A trip to Oregon in early July, 2017 resulted in the induction of three new Quixotican constituencies: Irving, Sivania, and the Quixotican Far West. The latter of which the King officially declared himself Marquis of on July 5, 2017. Unlike most Quixotican peerages however, this one does not give him the power to sit upon the Advisory Council as he is also the reigning Monarch.

August, 2017 to March, 2018

With an election for Prime Minister looming, Miles chose to inform several non-royal nobles as to their ability to seek the Premiership, an action that lead to the three horse race that was the Advisory Council Leadership Election of August, 2017. A race that ultimately resulted, as expected, with the re-election of the incumbent Dylan Light and the informal retirement of Michael Pudak from most aspects of Quixotican politics.

On August 17, 2017 King Miles convened the Advisory Council for the first time ever. The meeting, attended only by the Monarch and Prime Minister, featured the establishment of a Quixotican Ministry of the Interior, introduction of a National Park System, and the removal of nobles Jack Lea and Cory Kohler from office. As a follow-up to this historic meeting, King Miles penned the 'Eclipse Declaration' of August 21, a landmark document establishing the Prime Minister's cabinet and how it is to function. A second meeting of the Advisory Council was held on September 4 and consisted primarily of the addition of new positions to the cabinet and official symbols for the Lordship of the Lights. By mid-September, Miles had begun collecting Quixotican law to produce a new "amalgamated constitution" for the Kingdom. King Miles declared himself "Kaizar of the Quixots" on September 20, a title symbolic of his representation of the Quixotican population. "Kaizar" is a corruption of the word "Caesar" and is not a misspelling of "Kaiser".

In the interests of better representing the conservative minority in his Kingdom among the ranks of its leadership, Miles re-included former councillor Lea in the Advisory Council on September 29, 2017 and subsequently appointed him Deputy Prime Minister.

The Quixotican Great Seal,
as designed by King Miles I

During the Third meeting of the Advisory Council on October 14, 2017 King Miles oversaw the further establishment of the Ministry of the Treasury as well as the approval of Quixotican currency denominations. After Light announced his intentions to run for a third term in November during the meeting, Miles offered to find him a suitable running mate. Confident in Lord Light's re-election, Miles knew whomever he suggested as running mate would end up succeeding the controversial Lea as the next Deputy Prime Minister of Quixotica. On October 31, King Miles removed Prince Michael Pudak from office as a result of both his long-standing political inactivity and losing contact with the individual. The Pudak Principality was subsequently given back to the United States. Later in the same Royal Declaration, the King made it legal for himself to appoint "canines deemed to be of 'special merit'" to the Advisory Council as non-voting members, stipulating that no dog exceed the office of Deputy Prime Minister.

Dylan Light unanimously won a third term in the Advisory Council Leadership election of November, 2017 alongside his last minute running mate, and sister of the King, Duchess Stephanie Eaton. In the Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Council which followed Light's victory, Miles officially declared him to be Heir apparent to the Quixotican throne. Earlier in the same meeting Miles asked Lord Dylan to appoint him as the Quixotican Minister of the Interior, to which Dylan kindly obliged. Miles also bestowed the title of "General of the Army" to Light, in the interest of giving both another honor to the man and more structure to the near-non-existent Quixotican military. The long-awaited Great Seal of the Kingdom was designed by Miles I on November 18 and subsequently adopted officially on the same day.

On December 3, King Miles I and Prime Minister Light climbed to the top a local high-point known as Legend's Ridge and claimed it for the Kingdom of Quixotica. It was then peacefully annexed as the Province of Memory Hill, with Light as its appointed Suzerain. The newly acquired territory was named "Memory Hill" in honor of all the memorable places the two leaders of Quixotica could see from its summit, as well as for its being a naturally memorable place in and of itself. King Miles appointed Councillor Jack Lea the acting Quixotican National Security Director on December 17. The Constitution of Quixotica was formed through the amalgamation of a wide array of different legal documents and royal decrees and was compiled for the first time on December 21, 2017 by Miles I. This new Constitution was titled simply 'Codex Quixotica' in reference to the Codex Justinianus of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Miles' reign in the year 2017 was ended by the success of the Fifth meeting of the Advisory Council in which the Ministry of Defense was created, the National Security office was re-branded as a Ministry, Memory Hill was incorporated into the Lordship of the Lights, and the new amalgamated Constitution was ratified.

A ten amendment addition to the Quixotican Constitution, known as the Declaration of the Rights of Quixot Humanity, was written by King Miles I on January 7, 2018 as a symbol of Quixotica's dedication to progress and individual liberty. The Declaration was ratified unanimously at the start of the Sixth meeting of the Advisory Council on January 14. During that same meeting Prime Minister Light chose to found his Wool Hat Party, with himself as its leader or "Big Wooly". Light announced his candidacy in the Fourth Advisory Council Leadership Election just prior to the meeting's start.

Miles best friend, Lord Dylan Light, was re-elected unanimously to a fourth term as Prime Minister on February 11, 2018. As per the Quixotican constitution, King Miles inaugurated Light the same day he won re-election. On March 10, Miles wrote the Galapago-Eatonville Declaration in which he ceded the Duchy of Galapago back to the United States. Deputy Prime Minister, and former Duchess, Stephanie Eaton was appointed Mayor of Eatonville immediately upon the return of Galapago in order for her to remain on the Advisory Council.

Stephanie Eaton's Ministry

In late February, 2018 Prime Minister Dylan R. Light disappeared from Quixotican politics. Several attempts were made by Miles to try and contact the Premier, but no responses resulted from this. Eventually Miles was forced to begin considering removing Light from office on the grounds of political inactivity and having Deputy Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton immediately succeed him. Once nearly a month had passed without word from Light, Miles decided to write what he titled “the Unthinkable Declaration”, a specialized royal decree by which Light would be removed and replaced as Premier in the interests of the nation’s continued stability. Hoping Light would soon return, Miles chose only to remove Light from his duties as Prime Minister and Minister of the Treasury. On March 23, 2018 King Miles put the decree into effect and subsequently inaugurated Mayor Eaton as the second ever Prime Minister of Quixotica in the old capital city of Eatonville.

Former Prime Minister Dylan Light made clear on May 16, 2018 his disinterest in remaining any part of the Quixotican government and was subsequently removed from all of his remaining offices by King Miles through a decree titled 'The Farewell Declaration'. The Lordship of the Lights, save Memory Hill, was gifted back to the United States as a result of Light's exit from Quixotican politics.

In order to further distance the newer Eaton ministry from its disgraced predecessor, King Miles encouraged his sister Prime Minister Eaton to create a new political affiliation for herself. This resulted in the founding of the Amethyst Party and its subsequent replacement of the Wool Hat Party as the majority party of the Advisory Council. Stephanie was elected Prime Minister in her own right on May 19, 2018 as the Amethyst Party's first ever candidate.

Hoping to better separate the duties of the reigning Monarch from those of the Prime Minister's Cabinet and the Advisory Council, Miles resigned from all of his non-royal positions during the Eighth Meeting of the Advisory Council on June 16, 2018. He was succeeded as Minister of Foreign Relations, Representative of Redemption Hill, and Marquis of the Quixotican Far West by Esther Eaton and as Minister of the Interior by Lori Eaton. Not long after becoming a member of the Quixotican government, Esther announced not only the creation of her very own political party (the Egalitarians), but her intention to run for the office of Prime Minister in the Advisory Council Leadership Election of August, 2018.


As the founder of Quixotica, Miles wanted nothing more than to see the nation do well. He saw the main opponent to such success as being "government stagnation". As a result he decided to gradually implement a less hands on approach in the hopes that Quixotica would run smoothly on its own and hopefully even develop into a more democratic constitutional monarchy. This caused him to give his positions on the Advisory Council to fellow royal and aspiring politician Esther Eaton. Eventually he felt it time for him to leave the government and exist solely as a spectator to its future progress, so he abdicated following a routine Advisory Council Leadership election, making way for his sister (who lost the election) to become the second ever Quixotican Monarch.

Foreign Relations Minister

King Miles appointed himself Minister of Foreign Relations on April 5, 2018. That same day he responded to a request for copies of Quixotican currency for a private collection of micronational banknotes, informally opening up relations with the Libera Republika de Cignolago and its President in the process. Before the month could end, Miles was approached by the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia. He was interested in establishing foreign relations with Quixotica, and as a result the two sovereigns signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition on April 23, 2018. Miles was awarded the Order of the Lion by Emperor-King Oscar on April 27, for his diplomatic efforts with Karnia-Ruthenia. Miles resigned as Minister of Foreign Relations during the Eighth Meeting of the Advisory Council in favor of then newly appointed Councillor and fellow royal Esther Eaton taking over the position.

Royal Styles, Titles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • April 11, 2017 - June 27, 2017: King Miles I
  • June 27, 2017 - September 20, 2017: HS&RH King Miles I
  • September 20, 2017 - April 5, 2018: HS&RH King Miles I, Kaizar of the Quixots
  • April 5, 2018 - April 27, 2018: HS&RH King Miles I, Kaizar of the Quixots, KSB
  • April 27, 2018 - August 1, 2018: HS&RH King Miles I, Kaizar of the Quixots, KSB, KOL
  • August 1, 2018 - August 3, 2018: HS&RH King Miles I, Kaizar of the Quixots, KSB, KSS, KOL
  • August 3, 2018 - September 28, 2018: HRH Miles, Kaizar of the Quixots, KSB, KSS, KOL
The Royal Monogram of Miles I as King of Quixotica

Full Style as Monarch

His Serene and Royal Highness King Miles I of Quixotica, Kaizar of the Quixots, Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion, Knight of the Order of St. Stephen, Knight of the Order of St. Brendan, author of the Constitution, and Founder of Quixotica.

Quixotican Honors

Foreign Honors