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The Monarchy of Quixotica refers to both the role of the Quixotican Monarch as well as the Kingdom's only ruling house. The position was formed via the founding of Quixotica, and more precisely through its subsequent constitutions.

The last Queen of Quixotica was Stephanie, she is the sister of the founder of Quixotica and the only former Prime Minister to hold said office. The office of the Quixotican Monarch was distinct from, but often associated with, the honorary title Kaizar of the Quixots. Stephanie Eaton previously served as the official Heir to the Quixotican throne for King Miles I from March 30 to August 3, 2018.

Powers of the Monarch

The Quixotican Monarch ruled with ultimate authority. However, they ruled with the advice of the Prime Minister and the appointed nobility within the Advisory Council. The Monarch was able to create new governmental positions, found ministries, appoint Deputy Prime Ministers (in the event of that's office vacancy), declare war, negotiate treaties, command armies, appoint nobles to the Advisory Council, declare Special Leadership Elections, manage relations with other empires, etc. Despite this wide range of autocratic capabilities, the Monarch was encouraged to limit the use of their powers. Though not expressly illegal, the Monarch was forbade by personal oath from participating in politics (and is thus unable to endorse candidates or political parties within the Kingdom).

Much of the Monarch's power stem from his or her ability to make any decision regarding the Kingdom ad hoc, and without the consent of any other authority. This was because the Advisory Council could be ignored, or not even consulted by the Monarch if they don't see any reason for them to do so. However, the reigning Monarch was highly encouraged to utilize the wisdom in, and understand the opinions of, his council before making any drastic decisions regarding policy.

A Royal Declaration on January 29, 2018 granted the reigning Monarch the ability to create new units of measurement for use within the Kingdom of Quixotica. The units established by the Monarch are collectively called the "Quixotican Standards of Universal Measurement" or "QSUM" for short.


The position of the Quixotican Monarch was one of the few offices officially established by the Quixotican Proclamation of Statehood on April 11, 2017. Most every other position in the government of Quixotica was established later, whether by Royal Decree or a meeting of the Advisory Council. The Founding document of Quixotica established the nation's Head of State as being an enlightened absolute Monarch, ruling with an almost oligarchical set of close friends and confidants who would constitute the "King's Court". As with many aspects of Quixotica that have remained since the founding of the nation, the Monarchy was originally intended to have fantasy elements built in, with its creation being jokingly justified with little more than the founder's imagination.

The founder of Quixotica, Miles Eaton, established the country with himself as its first ever King. It had been his intention since the start to make this new nation a personal one, dependent heavily on his closest friends and family with himself as the sole Head of State. This vision of fantastical adhocratic oligarchy soon took on a more defined form with the creation of the office of Prime Minister of Quixotica by the reigning Monarch on May 13, 2017. With the original design of the Advisory Council as being a Court of friends appointed nobles, it only made sense that King Miles I create a position by which his long-time best friend, Dylan R. Light, would manage and represent the rest. So, on May 20, 2017, the King encouraged Light to run unopposed (as the sole member of the Advisory Council) for the office of Prime Minister. Lord Dylan agreed and subsequently won the first Advisory Council Leadership election, becoming the nation's first ever Premier. 9 days later, the King established the position of Deputy Prime Minister in the hopes of having his close friend Michael Pudak hold the office. The next day, May 30, Miles offered the position to Pudak, which he accepted. With the government taking shape, Miles next sought to appoint members of his family (including himself) to represent the soon-to-be-capital city, Redemption Hill, and his friends Jack Lea and Cory Kohler as Barons in charge of their own provinces. At its so-called "height" the first Advisory Council had a total of seven members. At this point, the Monarch had already given himself two peerages associated with a seat on the Council, one as Representative of Redemption Hill and the other as Marquis of the Quixotican Far West.

Lord Light was re-elected without Pudak as his running mate, as to allow for Michael to quietly retire from most aspects of Quixotican politics, something he had very little interest in. Dylan won his second term over the political inactive conservative challengers Lea and Kohler respectively. The first ever meeting of the Advisory Council was called by the Monarch on August 17, and featured the establishment of a Ministry of the Interior, the removal of Lea and Kohler from office for inactivity, and several other more minor decisions. Lea would eventually return to Quixotican politics on September 29 with Miles even appointing him Deputy Prime Minister out of desperation to fill the vacancy created by Pudak. The re-inclusion of Lea as a noble, was deemed the end of the Second Advisory Council which had begun when him and Kohler were removed from office. It also marked the second time the Monarch exercised his ability to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister in the event of a vacancy in that office. King Miles I granted himself the honorary title of "Kaizar of the Quixots" on September 20 as symbol of the Monarch's duty as the representative of the Quixot people to the rest of the world. Pudak's official expulsion on October 31 was the first and so far only time the Monarch removed an individual from the Council on the count of "long-standing political inactivity" outside an official meeting of said Council. In the same Royal Decree that removed him, the Monarch legalized the appointment of "canines of 'special merit'" to the Council. The Monarch first used his ability to appoint a dog as a non-voting member of the Council during the fourth meeting of the Advisory Council on November 11.

After being unanimously re-elected to a third term, Light was surprised by King Miles I with his being officially designated the Heir apparent to the Quixotican throne during the Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Council on November 11, 2017. The second and third in the line of succession were defined on November 17 through a special Royal Decree. King Miles appointed Dylan Suzerain of Memory Hill upon the two's capture of the territory on December 3. The powers of the Monarch (as well as every other government office and entity) were formally lined out and solidified through the amalgamated Constitution finalized on December 21 by King Miles I. A Royal Declaration on January 29, 2018 granted the reigning Monarch the ability to create new units of measurement for use in the Kingdom of Quixotica.

Sister of the reigning Monarch, Deputy Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton, was appointed Mayor of Eatonville on March 10, 2018 upon her Duchy being ceded back to the United States. In the Galapago-Eatonville Declaration that made this possible, Mayor Stephanie Eaton was confirmed to be third in the official line of succession.

The disappearance of Prime Minister Light from Quixotican politics in late February resulted in Deputy Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton being asked by the reigning Monarch, King Miles, to assume the position of Prime Minister in the interests of the government's stability on March 23, 2018. This was the first time in Quixotican history that a reigning Monarch was forced to enact Article III Section I of the Amalgamated Constitution to remove a Prime Minister from office for political inactivity. During the first Advisory Council meeting of her new ministry, Prime Minister Eaton was officially designated as the new Heir Apparent to the Quixotican throne.

Stephanie Eaton lost re-election to Esther Eaton on August 3, 2018. However, she did ascend to the throne of Quixotica that same day upon the abdication of King Miles. As the founder of Quixotica, Miles wanted nothing more than to see the nation do well. He saw the main opponent to such success as being "government stagnation". As a result he decided to gradually implement a less hands on approach in the hopes that Quixotica would run smoothly on its own and hopefully even develop into a more democratic constitutional monarch. He had decided to leave the government following a routine Advisory Council Leadership election, making way for his sister (who lost the election) to become the second ever Quixotican Monarch. Stephanie's first act as Queen was to inaugurated the very woman that had defeated her in the leadership election earlier that day, a job she did with grace. Esther returned the favor by crowing Stephanie the second monarch of Quixotica in an official coronation ceremony. As per the Quixotican constitution Stephanie became independent upon her ascension to the throne, and as a result her political party, the Amethysts, was disbanded. The Egalitarians thus became the majority party of a new sixth incarnation of the Advisory Council.

The desire to democratize Quixotica, cited as a goal of the 2018 Act of Quixotican Renewal, led to the dissolution of the Monarchy and establishment of a Republic on September 28, 2018.

List of Monarchs

No. Image Regnal Name Start of Reign End of Reign Royal House
Miles I
Miles Caledonius Rex
April 11, 2017 August 3, 2018 Eaton
Stephanie Rex
August 3, 2018 September 28, 2018


The last style used by a reigning Monarch of the Kingdom of Quixotica was as follows:

Her Serene and Royal Highness Queen Stephanie, Archduchess of Coaltrium, Minister of the Treasury, Ambassador to the United States, and Hero of the Kingdom of Quixotica.

The full style of the Monarch was only used on special occasion. She is otherwise referred to as HS&RH Queen Stephanie of Quixotica or simply Stephanie. On rare occasion the current Monarch has been addressed as the Sovereign.


The Monarch was able to choose their heir completely independent of the Advisory Council and without consideration as to the genetic relation of their potential successor.

List of Heir Apparents

No. Image Name Tenure House Reigning Monarch
Dylan R. Light
Lord Light
November 11, 2017

March 30, 2018
Light 1-Article-of-Credit.jpg
Miles I
April 11, 2017August 3, 2018
Stephanie Eaton
Princess Stephanie
March 30, 2018

August 3, 2018
Esther Eaton 1.jpg
Esther Eaton
Princess Esther
August 3, 2018

September 28, 2018
August 3, 2018Incumbent