Order of Saint Brendan

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Order of Saint Brendan the Navigator
Symbol of the Order of Saint Brendan
Awarded by the
King of Quixotica
TypeState order
EstablishedDecember 2, 2017
Awarded forDiplomatic efforts
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignMiles I of Quixotica
First inductionDecember 31, 2017
Last inductionApril 28, 2018
Next (higher)Order of the Yellow-Bellied Finch

Ribbon of the Order of Saint Brendan

The Order of Saint Brendan the Navigator, often referred to simply as the Order of Saint Brendan, is a Quixotican Order of Chivalry bestowed by the reigning Monarch to "commemorate great acts of diplomacy and peace-keeping made across the vast distances of the Earth". It was established by King Miles in late 2017 primarily for use in foreign affairs as an official knighthood to be bestowed upon excellent diplomats both to and from Quixotica.


The Order of Saint Brendan the Navigator is named for Irish Catholic Saint and Atlantic voyager Saint Brendan. It is named in his honor as the first diplomatic envoys from Quixotica were sent across the Atlantic Ocean to the British Isles.


King Miles I of Quixotica established the Order of Saint Brendan so he would have an honor that could be bestowed upon foreign dignitaries as well as his best diplomats. The honor was created via Royal Decree on December 2, 2017. It was first awarded to then Prime Minister Dylan R. Light at the Fifth Meeting of the Advisory Council for his informally representing Quixotica in the United Kingdom whilst there on vacation. Upon establishing relations with the Cignolago on April 5, 2018 Miles awarded himself the Honor despite the fact he was already its de jure Sovereign. The first foreign Head of State made a Knight of the Order of Saint Brendan was Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia.


The exact specifications for the Ribbon of the Order of Saint Brendan were included in the same Royal Decree that established the order. In that document it declared that "should a ribbon be made" it should consist of the colors Green, representing Ireland and grass, Red, representing Great Britain and personal sacrifice, and Blue, representing France and the world's oceans. Months later a small golden cross with a purple center was added in reference to the order's namesake being a Catholic Saint.

List of Recipients