Advisory Council (Quixotica)

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Advisory Council
6th Advisory Council of Quixotica
TypeUnicameral legislature
MonarchStephanie of Quixotica
since August 3, 2018
Prime MinisterEsther Eaton,
since August 3, 2018
Deputy Prime MinisterSalvatore Miller, Independent
since July 25, 2018
Members4 members
(3 voting)
Political groupsNobility
  •      Egalitarian (2)
  •      Independent (2)
Last electionAugust 3, 2018
Meeting place
None de jure

The Advisory Council of Quixotica was the legislative body of appointed nobles tasked with the representation of the Quixotican citizenry and their interests to the reigning Monarch through the Prime Minister. Members of the Advisory Council, originally referred to as the King's Court, were appointed and thus serve at the pleasure of the Quixotican Monarch, as well as the discretion of their fellow nobles. Only eight meetings of the Council were ever held.


The Advisory Council was led by its primary representative to the Monarch, the Prime Minister. Helping manage and represent the Council and its opinions was the Premier's closest confidant: the Deputy Prime Minister. Together, along with the Prime Minister's cabinet, they decided how best to explain the full intentions, propositions, and beliefs of the Advisory Council.

The Prime Minister was elected every three months alongside his or her running mate, the Deputy Prime Minister. If they are new to the role they are to either keep or dispense previous members of the Cabinet. If a Prime Minister won election without a running mate, the office of Deputy Prime Minister would become vacant until which point the Monarch appoints someone to said position.


Early History

The Advisory Council was established loosely in the founding document of the Kingdom of Quixotica, where the body is simply referred to as the King's Court. The Council was laid out as consisting of appointed nobles, specifically the best friends of the reigning Monarch. Seeking to fill the Advisory Council with some nobles, King Miles I of Quixotica, simply considered the Light's Lordship to be one of its constituencies, making its leader, Dylan R. Light, the first ever member of the Council. As such, Dylan elected himself Prime Minister just a week after the title was created via Royal Decree. Ten days later, King Miles appointed Prince Michael Pudak to the position of Deputy Prime Minister, a day after that position was established similarly. Light was re-elected in a landslide of nearly seventy percent of the vote in the Advisory Council Leadership Election of August, 2017; defeating both of his far more conservative challengers, Barons Lea and Kohler. Through his re-election, however, Light allowed his Deputy Premier to retire from Quixotican politics (by not selecting any running mate under the encouragement of King Miles I). The first meeting of the Council was between the Prime Minister and the Monarch and delineated a set of "Agreements between the King and his Council". During that informal meeting, both Lea and Kohler were removed from office by King Miles I as a result of political inactivity. The Council was later re-organized further in early September with the creation of the Duchy of Galapago. The second ever official meeting was held at the Quixotican capital of Redemption Hill, and was primarily focused on the further establishment of the Prime Minister's cabinet and the assigning of official symbols for the Lordship of the Lights.

Era of the Third Advisory Council

After re-establishing communication with former Councillor Jack Lea on September 23, 2017 King Miles I began the process of his re-inclusion into the Council. After a week of discussions over the phone, Lea was finally declared "Director of the Unnamed Province and Head of the Traditionalist Party" by King Miles in the form of a royal decree on September 29. Later that same day, Miles offered Lea the opportunity to represent the conservative minority in Quixotica by filling the vacancy in the Deputy Premiership. Director Lea accepted the promotion with a characteristic "sure, why not" without any sarcasm, and was subsequently inaugurated Deputy Prime Minister off a trail in America's Rocky Mountain National Park. He was the first person to ever be given the official oath of office upon his becoming Deputy Premier, and the second person ever appointed to that position by the Monarch. Prime Minister Light declared his intentions to run for a third term of office during the third meeting of the Advisory Council (and in a subsequent video announcement). During that same meeting Miles I offered to find him a suitable running mate for the Leadership election in November, well aware that whomever he recommended would almost certainly end up succeeding the controversial Jack Lea as Deputy Prime Minister of Quixotica. On October 31, 2017, King Miles I removed Prince Michael Pudak from office as a result of political inactivity and a loss of contact with the individual. The Pudak Principality was subsequently ceded back to America. The King also granted himself the ability to appoint "canines deemed to be of 'special merit'" to the Advisory Council as non-voting members, with the stipulation that no canine nobility "is permitted any Advisory Council office higher than that of Deputy Prime Minister." It was generally assumed by both the reigning Monarch and the incumbent Dylan Light that Jack Lea would inevitably run again for the office of Prime Minister as Light’s only formal opposition. However, during the time leading up to the November election there was little to no contact between the King and Jack Lea and thus no reminder was made to Lea about his ability to again seek the Premiership. Ultimately Jack’s single Council vote was counted as an abstention and Dylan Light was declared unanimously re-elected to a third term as Prime Minister. Duchess Stephanie Eaton was chosen last minute as Light's running mate and was subsequently elected the first female Deputy Prime Minister in Quixotican history. The annexation of Memory Hill by the King and Prime Minister on December 3 resulted in Light becoming the second person after Miles to hold two peerages on the Advisory Council. The official role of the Advisory Council and its councillors was spelled out fully in the second Constitution of Quixotica on December 21. Just before the end of the year Prime Minister Light returned from a trip to California and upon his return he contacted King Miles as to the possibility of them getting together on December 31. Miles, delighted to have the Premier back, agreed heartily that they should meet. The two ended up holding an incredibly productive fifth meeting of the Advisory Council which, among many other things, re-organized some Quixotican constituencies, added a new ministry, and ratified the new amalgamated constitution of Quixotica.

Rise of the Wool Hat Party

Prime Minister Light made history when he chose to found the Wool Hat Party during the Sixth Meeting of the Advisory Council on January 14, 2018. This marked the first time a Quixotican Prime Minister was a member of any particular political faction. Also during the Sixth Meeting, ten amendments detailing crucial human rights were ratified as part of the Quixotican Constitution. Prime Minister Light was re-elected in February, 2018 alongside Deputy Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton. Their winning as the nominees of the Wool Hat Party as well as Councillor Lori's connections to the party made the Wool Hats the first ever majority party of the Advisory Council. This switch from a majority of nonpartisan Councillors to partisan ones is viewed by Quixot historians as the start of the 4th Advisory Council.

The Galapago-Eatonville Declaration written on March 10, 2018 by King Miles officially ceded the Duchy of Galapago back to the United States whilst simultaneously allowing Deputy Prime Minister, former Duchess and Wool Hat Party member, Stephanie Eaton to remain on the Council as Mayor of the old capital city of Eatonville. The document marked the first time in Quixotican history that an independent city recieved formal representation on the Advisory Council.

The Light Leadership Crisis & its Aftermath

Prime Minister Light disappeared from Quixotican politics in late February, 2018 leaving behind him a crisis involving Advisory Council Leadership. Requiring a Prime Minister to represent the Council's opinions lawfully and fearing the potential for instability caused by Light's absence, King Miles began work on the so-called 'Unthinkable Declaration'. Ultimately the special decree removing Light from office on account of political inactivity was put into effect on March 23. Light's Deputy Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton was inaugurated by her brother, King Miles, around 7:30 PM on March 23, 2018 in the constituency of Eatonville. In taking the oath of office, Eaton became the first ever Deputy Prime Minister to succeed to the position of Prime Minister upon the removal of their predecessor as well as the first woman in Quixotican history to hold said office. Councillor Lea was removed from office on April 3, 2018 via royal decree. His political party, the Traditionalists, was abolished and his constituency, the Unnamed Province, was ceded back to the United States. Another Councillor, the only canine ever appointed as a noble, Tito Light was removed from office on April 20 as a result of his master's continued political inactivity. A new province named Coaltrium was added to the Kingdom on April 20, 2018. Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton resigned as Mayor of Eatonville to become the Archduchess of this newly acquired territory.

Former Prime Minister Dylan R. Light informally expressed his disinterest in remaining a part of the Quixotican government on May 16, 2018 and was formally removed from office through a Royal Decree titled 'The Farewell Declaration'. Light's reasoning behind his finally leaving was to better focus on his own personal issues. Light's de facto resignation resulted in the Lordship of the Lights, save Memory Hill, being gifted to the United States.

The Amethyst Party Period

Prime Minister Stephanie Eaton formed a new political party for her election efforts in the May, 2018 Advisory Council Leadership election. This new party, titled 'the Amethyst Party', quickly replaced the already waning Wool Hat Party as the second ever majority party of the Advisory Council. This event began the fifth incarnation of the Advisory Council. The following month, King Miles decided to give both his positions on the Advisory Council to Esther Eaton in the hopes of better dividing the powers of the reigning Monarch and the Council. Following her appointment during the Eighth Meeting of the Advisory Council Esther decided to found her own political party, thus resulting in the formation of the Egalitarian Party. On July 3 Esther was appointed the first ever Mayor of Avonia by King Miles, thus becoming the first person to hold three seats on the Advisory Council.

The Irving Declaration, written by King Miles on July 11, combined the independent city of Irving with the Quixotican Far West to form the province of New Albion. Esther Eaton, Marquise of the Quixotican Far West at the time, was appointed Satrap of the newly amalgamated constituency. Salvatore Miller, considered for the position of Deputy Prime Minister many times, finally accepted the position and thus a seat on the Council on July 25, 2018. He was appointed "Goði of New New South Wales" as per his request.

The Egalitarian Party Period

Stephanie Eaton lost re-election to Esther Eaton on August 3, 2018. However, she did ascend to the throne of Quixotica that same day upon the abdication of King Miles. Miles stated his withdrawal was in the hopes of "passing on the torch" and discouraging "government stagnation". Stephanie's first act as Queen was to inaugurated the very woman that had defeated her in the leadership election earlier that day, a job she did with grace. Esther returned the favor by crowing Stephanie the second monarch of Quixotica in an official coronation ceremony. As per the Quixotican constitution Stephanie became independent upon her ascension to the throne, and as a result her political party, the Amethysts, was disbanded. The Egalitarians thus became the majority party of a new sixth incarnation of the Advisory Council.

The 2018 Quixotican Act of Renewal urged for the creation of an elected body of representatives to replace the Advisory Council as well as the dissolution of the Quixotican Monarchy. Four days after the act was proposed a republican constitution was written, the Prime Minister stepped down, and the Republic of Quixotica was declared. The Kingdom's Advisory Council was replaced by the Republic's Quixotican Senate.

Non-voting Members of the Advisory Council

There are two groups allowed appointments to the Advisory Council which are deemed unable to vote during most (if not all) of the Council's functions. These are the reigning Monarch of Quixotica, who while they can grant themselves peerages associated with a seat (or seats) on the Council are not allowed to participate in its Leadership elections, and canines of "special merit", who are simply incapable of voting and as such are banned from having any ballots cast in their name. Where the Monarch is not capable of running for or holding either office in the Advisory Council Leadership, canines are permitted to run for (and presumably hold) the office of Deputy Prime Minister. Prime Minister Light's dog Tito became the first ever canine appointed to the Advisory Council on November 11, 2017. Tito officially ceased to be a member of the Council on April 20, 2018.

List of Advisory Council Incarnations

The Advisory Council is very fluid in terms of both its membership and overall composition. Due to this ever-changing nature, it has become important (for historical purposes) that the various eras of the Council be differentiated and named, a task undertaken by the reigning Monarch. Below is a list of the different incarnations of the Advisory Council, as defined by the Quixotican Monarch.

Name No. Highest Level of Membership Majority Party Date Began Prime Minister Monarch
Advisory Council prior to
the Establishment of
the Premiership
0 1-advisory-council-layout-historically-accurate.png Independent April 11, 2017 None Miles King of Quixotica.JPG
Miles I
1st Advisory Council 1 1-advisory-council-layout-accurate.png May 20, 2017 Prime-Minister-Dylan-R-Light.JPG
Dylan R. Light
2nd Advisory Council 2 2-advisory-council-layout.png August 17, 2017
3rd Advisory Council 3 3-advisory-council-layout.png September 29, 2017
4th Advisory Council 4 4-advisory-council-layout-colorstrueRGB.png Wool Hat February 11, 2018 Dylan R. Light
Stephanie Eaton
5th Advisory Council 5 Q-515.png Amethyst May 19, 2018 Deputy-Prime-Minister-Stephanie.jpg
Stephanie Eaton
6th Advisory Council 6 6-advisory-council-layout-1.png Egalitarian August 3, 2018 Esther Eaton 1.jpg
Esther Eaton


The Reigning Monarch is not counted as a member of the Advisory Council unless they have a title of nobility associated with a seat on said council. However, any seat held by a reigning Monarch is automatically incapable of running for, nominating someone to be, or participating in elections for Prime Minister. Both the first and second Advisory Councils have King Miles as a member, but only in his capacity as Marquis of the Quixotican Far West.

The "majority party" is simply the one with the most seats on the Council.

The Prime Minister does not have to be a member of the majority party.

List of Meetings of the Advisory Council

The following is a chronological list of Advisory Council meetings.

No. Name Date Location Majority Party Council Incarnation
1 Agreements Between the King and His Council:
The First Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
August 17, 2017 Wertopolis I, Lordship of the Lights Independent 2nd Advisory Council
2 More Agreements Between the King and His Council:
The Second Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
September 4, 2017 Redemption Hill, Redemption Hill
3 Some Autumnal Agreements:
The Third Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
October 14, 2017 Wertopolis II, Lordship of the Lights 3rd Advisory Council
4 Agreements Between the Sovereign and His Heir:
The Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
November 11, 2017 Wertopolis II, Lordship of the Lights
5 New Year's Resolutions:
The Fifth Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
December 31, 2017 Wertopolis I, Lordship of the Lights
& Eatonville, Eatonville
6 Agreements Made at the Old Capital:
The Sixth Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
January 14, 2018 Eatonville, Eatonville
7 Amendments, Agreements, and Appointments After Dark:
The Seventh Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
March 30, 2018 Eatonville, Eatonville Wool Hat 4th Advisory Council
8 Agreements About the Media as well as a Constitutional Amendment:
The Eighth Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Kingdom of Quixotica
June 16, 2018 Coaltrium, Coaltrium Amethyst 5th Advisory Council

List of Quixotican Political Parties

The following is a list of past and present Quixotican political parties, their leadership, dates of foundation, and dissolution. They are listed in order of their founding dates.

No. Name Leader(s) Ideology Founded Abolished Held Majority?
1 Right On! Jack Lea Paleoconservatism June 5, 2017 August 17, 2017 No
2 Bachelor Cory Kohler Centre-right June 14, 2017 August 17, 2017 No
3 Traditionalist Jack Lea Traditionalist conservatism September 29, 2017 April 3, 2018 No
4 Wool Hat Dylan R. Light Liberalism January 14, 2018 May 19, 2018 Yes
5 Amethyst Stephanie Eaton Progressivism May 13, 2018 August 3, 2018 Yes
6 Egalitarian Esther Eaton Egalitarianism June 16, 2018 Still existent Yes