Literal Government Transparency Act (Silofais)

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Literal Government Transparency Act of 2017
Seal of the National Assembly
TitleAN ACT to encourage the use of transparent construction materials and thereby promote transparency in all aspects of government
Short TitleLiteral Government Transparency Act of 2017
Enrolled during1st National Assembly
SponsorDelegate David Ross (Eurwest)
MSLC CitationLiteral Government Transparency Act SIL P 2017 #
Legislative history
Passed by Chamber of DelegatesJune 9th, 2017,
by unrecorded voice vote
Vetoed by PresidentJune 9th, 2017,
by President Horatio Eden
Status: Vetoed

The Literal Government Transparency Act of 2017 was a bill submitted during the first session of the Silofaisan National Assembly. The bill would have enacted a law requiring all government buildings to be constructed of glass - thus, 'government transparency'.

The bill was vetoed by Silofaisan President Horatio Eden on the day of its enrollment by the National Assembly. This Act was notable for being the first time that a Silofaisan President wielded the presidential veto against a piece of legislation.

Legislative History

National Assembly

At a regular sitting held on June 9, 2017, the bill was passed by an unrecorded voice vote and then presented to the President.


President Horatio Eden vetoed the bill on the 9th of June, 2017

President Horatio Eden immediately vetoed the bill upon its passage, having been observing the session of the Chamber of Delegates as it progressed. He returned the bill to the Chamber with his objections attached:

I am not convinced a structure, wherein the entire exterior of government buildings are composed of glass or a transparent glass substitute, would be structurally sound, nor that it would be economically logical given the nascence of our government.

— Horatio Eden, June 9th, 2017, in a letter detailing his objections to the National Assembly[1]

Veto Override Attempt

During the same sitting as when the bill was first enrolled, the Chamber moved to override the President's veto. The vote was taken by roll call, as follows:

9 June 2017
Override of the Veto of
the Literal Government Transparency Act of 2017

Motion proposed by Speaker Avro Keatings (SKC)
Two-thirds majority: 6/9
Source: Chamber of Delegates voting records
Vote Members Votes
Yea Sara K., David R., Avro K., Cody M., Steve F.
5 / 9
checkY Nay Caleb F., Chris W.
2 / 9
0 / 7
Absent Patrick R., Zach F.
2 / 9

Having failed to satisfy the constitutionally required two-thirds majority of the entire membership, the veto was sustained and the override failed.

This override attempt marked the first time that the National Assembly attempted unsuccessfully to override a presidential veto. This would be followed by two more unsuccessful attempts near the end of the first session of the Assembly, respectively for for the Economy Act and the Re-Econ Act.