Chief Secretary (Silofais)

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Chief Secretary
Seal of the Chief Secretary
Andrew Bevolo

since June 3rd, 2017
StyleThe Right Honorable the Chief Secretary of the Republic of Silofais (formal)
Mr. Chief Secretary (informal)
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthNo fixed term
Remains in office while commanding the confidence of the Chamber of Delegates, or until resignation.
Inaugural holderAndrew Bevolo
FormationJune 3rd, 2017
SuccessionReappointment by President
Salary$1 annually

The Chief Secretary is the head of the executive branch of the Republic of Silofais, the Vice-Chairman of the Silofaisan Council of State and the Chairman of the Silofaisan Cabinet. The incumbent is Andrew Bevolo, elected at the second Ratification Convention on June 3, 2017.

Appointed initially by the President, the Chief Secretary holds his office until the Chamber of Delegates either passes a Resolution of No-Confidence, or fails to pass a Resolution of Confidence. As the head of government, he then recommends to the President the appointment or removal of the Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, and Under Secretaries of each Department; together, they and the Chief Secretary constitute the Cabinet of State under the latter's supervision.