Riversheart General Election, 2017

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Riversheart General Election, 2017
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All 3 seats on the City Council

Incumbent City Councilors


The Riversheart general election of 2017 will be the first general election for the Silofaisan city of Riversheart. It will take place on the 21st of October, 2017, pursuant to a writ of election issued by the Chief Secretary Andrew Bevolo.

Three city councilors will be elected at large by the single transferable vote method, as according to law. Once sworn to office at their first meeting, the councilors will choose among themselves a mayor who will be the chief executive officer of the city for the remainder of the term.

The tenure of the city councilors elected in October will last around eleven months, expiring on September 3, 2018; and, as such, the next general election will take place on July 14, 2018.


The City of Riversheart covers geographically the majority of the Kansas City area. Its residential population is comprised approximately by eleven Silofaisan citizens.

A petition for its incorporation was formally verified and and officiated[1] on August 26, 2017, by a decree of Chief Secretary Bevolo, who, pursuant to the Law, also issued a writ of election.