First inauguration of Silofaisan President Horatio Eden

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Inauguration of Horatio Eden
Date29 April 2017
LocationNational Assembly, Silofais
ParticipantsRatification Convention Chair, Avro Keatings
Administering oath

President-elect of Silofais, Horatio Eden
Taking office

Chief Secretary-elect, Newton von Uberquie
Taking office

The first inauguration of Silofaisan President Horatio Eden took place during the first Ratification Convention for the Constitution of the Republic of Silofais. Taking place on the 29th of April, 2017, then-President-elect Horatio Eden, who had been duly elected President by a ballot of the assembled members of the convention, was sworn in along with his Chief Secretary, Newton von Uberquie. Both oaths were administered at the same time, along with the oaths of all other duly elected members of the Government at that time.

Both President-elect Eden and Chief Secretary-elect von Uberquie took office at a little before 21:50 on the day of the convention.

Subsequent inauguration

The term of President Eden was cut short following the exodus of a number of citizens, necessitating a second Ratification Convention for the Silofaisan constitution. Eden was re-elected President by a ballot during the said convention, and re-inaugurated under the new Constitution.