Second inauguration of Silofaisan President Horatio Eden

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Inauguration of Horatio Eden
Date3 June 2017
LocationNational Assembly, Silofais
ParticipantsRatification Convention Chair, Avro Keatings
Administering oath

President of Silofais, Horatio Eden
Taking office

Chief Secretary-elect, Andrew Bevolo
Taking office

The second inauguration of Silofaisan President Horatio Eden took place during the second Ratification Convention for the Constitution of the Republic of Silofais. Taking place on the 3rd of June, 2017, then Silofaisan President Horatio Eden, who had served as President since the first convention to ratify the Constitution and who had been duly re-elected President after a new version of the Constitution was ratified, was sworn in along with his Chief Secretary, Andrew Bevolo. Both oaths were administered at the same time, along with the oaths of all other duly elected members of the Government at that time.

Both President Eden and Chief Secretary-elect Bevolo took office at a little before 20:00 on the day of the convention.


The second convention was necessitated by the mass exodus of a number of key members of the Government, including former Chief Secretary Newton von Uberquie. Instead of attempting to refill the large number of now vacant positions in the government, the remaining citizens of Silofais implemented a new Constitution which reduced the government's size and temporarily shuttered the Senate of the National Assembly until more citizens were had.