Supreme Court (Silofais)

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Supreme Court of the Republic of Silofais
Seal of the Supreme Court of the Republic
EstablishedJune 3rd, 2017
CountryRepublic of Silofais
Composition methodPresidential nomination with legislative confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of Silofais, Art. VII
Decisions are appealed toNowhere: the Supreme Court is the court of last resort
Judge term lengthLife tenure de facto until retirement at age 75
Number of positions3, by statute
Chief Justice
CurrentlyMark A.

The Supreme Court of Silofais is the highest judicial authority in the Republic of Silofais. It is the court of last resort for all matters criminal and civil, and is also vested constitutionally with the power of judicial review; that is, the power to review laws, executive orders and other actions of the government for constitutionality and to strike out those that violate the Constitution.


The court is currently made up of three judges: Chief Justice Mark A., Justice Tim K., and Mike L. They were nominated at the same time on the 3rd of June, 2017,[1] and the Chamber of Delegates confirmed their nominations during the same session on the 9th. Following a resignation from the post, Mark A. became Chief Justice on the 8th of July, 2017.