2020 Silofaisan presidential election

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2020 Silofaisan presidential election

← 2017 11 July (1st round)
25 July (2nd round)
2022 →
Candidate Horatio Eden
Party Unity and Progress Party (Silofais)
Popular vote TBD

President before election

Horatio Eden
Unity and Progress Party (Silofais)

Elected President


The Silofaisan presidential election of 2020 will be the first Silofaisan general election for the post of President held under the terms of the Constitution, occurring on the second Saturday of July, i.e. July 11, 2020. The incoming President will be elected directly by all citizens "at home and abroad" using a two-round system, and will take office on September 20 of the same year. It will also coincide with the elections to the Chamber of Delegates.

If no President is elected, or if the President-elect dies before assuming office, then the Speaker of the Chamber of Delegates will serve as Acting President until a successor is chosen subsequently at a special election.

Incumbent President Horatio Eden, who was elected at the Ratification Convention, will be eligible for re-election in 2020, and has confirmed publicly his intention to run.

The next general election of the presidency following this one will occur in 2022.


Ratification Convention

Incumbent President Horatio Eden was elected to serve until the first year "disivible by five".[1] As such, his term of office will expire in 2020, following the Convention which happened in 2017.

Future Elections

According to the Constitution (Chapter Eight, Art. XXX), the President will be elected biennially between 2020 and 2030; i.e., he will be elected again in 2022, 2024, 2026, and 2028. In 2030, however, the President will be elected then quinquennially, the next election afterwards not happening until 2035.



Name Current or previous positions Constituency Announced

Horatio Eden
President since 2017 Eurwest August 2017


Name Current or previous positions Constituency Announced
Avro Keatings Speaker, since 2017 South Kansas City Declined September 2017


Name Current or previous positions Constituency Announced
Bharadwaj T. Superior Court Judge, since 2017
Secretary of Culture,since 2017
Western Plains Unannounced


Presidential approval rating

Pollster Release Sample Approve Disapprove No opinion
Daily Micronational 27-08-2017 5 40% 40% 20%