Unity and Progress Party (Silofais)

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Unity and Progress Party
ForemanHoratio Eden
Vice-ForemanMark S. Kavanah
FounderHoratio Eden
David Ross
Mark S. Kavanah
Avro Keatings
FoundedAugust 26, 2017 (2017-08-26)
Preceded byDemocratic-Republican Party
IdeologyCenter to center-right
Colors  Dark Green
Affiliated Delegates
3 / 9

The Unity and Progress Party of Silofais is one of two current political parties in the Republic of Silofais, the other being the Progressive Party.

It was founded on August 26, 2017, by President Horatio Eden, Speaker Avro Keatings and Delegate David Ross, and Mark S. Kavanah, largely in response to partisan inactivity throughout the Republic. The same day, the party elected Eden as their Foreman and Kavanah as their Vice-Foreman.

Having at least four members, the party has filed for and has earned bona fide registration status, allowing it formally to endorse candidates and be put on the ballot.

The ideology of the party lies between center and center-right. Its current 50-word manifesto required by law reads as follows:

The nation must remain mindful, engaged and pragmatic; citizens deserve both to be challenged and enjoy themselves. In order to realize these, the UPP stands for sensible taxes; responsible government; and, of the Republic, its sovereignty, its tranquility, and the rule of law. May we flourish together into the future.