Council of State (Silofais)

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Council of State
Seal of the Silofaisan President, Chairman of the Council of State
Formation3rd of June, 2017
(Following the second Ratification Convention)
Legal statusAdvisory and deliberative organ[1]
PurposeCoordination of domestic and foreign policies, treaties, and general matters of state[2]
Horatio Eden
Chief Secretary
Andrew John Bevolo IV

The Council of State of the Republic of Silofais is a constitutional organ designed to ensure and foster the welfare of the Republic. It is led by the President as Chairman and the Chief Secretary as Vice-Chairman, and is composed by both of them as well as the highest-ranking executive, diplomatic and martial officers of state.

Created by Article IV, Section 7 of the Silofaisan Constitution, the Council is a body not unlike the British Privy Council or the French Council of Ministers,[3] insofar as it is responsible for the coordination of domestic and foreign policies, execution of treaties, and oversight of general matters of state.

These responsibilities, and the kind of officers constitutionally required to sit on the Council, distinguish it clearly from a similar body, the Cabinet of the State. The latter is subordinate directly to the Chief Secretary; is composed of the heads of departments and their respective deputy secretaries and under secretaries; and, whereas the Council deliberates and advises, is responsible for the actual day-to-day administration of the law and realization of the domestic policy. It also does not need to maintain the confidence of the Chamber of Delegates, and sits indefinitely.


The Council of State was originally formed during the first convention to ratify the Silofaisan Constitution; however, following the exodus of a significant number of members of the government, the Council of State, along with all other government bodies and positions created by the first Constitution, was dissolved, and replaced with an identical yet legally distinct organisation of the same name during the second Ratification Convention on the 3rd of June, 2017.


Specifically, the Council is constituted by the...

  • President,
  • Chief Secretary,
  • Heads of the executive departments,
  • Highest-ranking admirals and generals of the armed forces, and
  • Ambassadors.

Deputy Secretaries, Under Secretaries, and other members of the Executive do not have seats on the Council, in the same way that the President does not have a seat on the Cabinet.


Office Incumbent Term began
President of Silofais Horatio Eden June 3, 2017
Chief Secretary Andrew John Bevolo IV June 3, 2017
Secretary of Registry Mike L. June 29, 2017
Secretary of Culture Bharadwaj T. July 7, 2017
Secretary of Treasury Tim K. August 27, 2017