List of Silofaisan presidential vetoes

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The phrase presidential veto does not appear per se in the Constitution of the Republic of Silofais; however, when a statute has been presented to the President for his approval, and when he in fact disapproves, he may may return it to the National Assembly "with his Objections to that House in which the Bill shall have originated".[1]

If the President vetoes a bill while the National Assembly is still in session, the latter may attempt to override the veto at any time during the same session. Overrides are done successfully when both houses vote affirmatively for it by a two-thirds majority.

The Constitution also includes what is known as a pocket veto. If the President wishes to veto a statute, but cannot return it to the National Assembly because the latter has adjourned sine die or begun a new session, then the same statute is effectively nullified and, in case the Assembly wishes to enact it, would have to be introduced de novo.

It is important to note a distinction between a session and a sitting in Silofais: the latter refers to any instance when the Assembly is conducting business with a quorum, whereas the former is a technical word representing annual terms of sittings from September 3 of one year to September 2nd of the next. In other words, if a veto occurred in April, the National Assembly could override it at any time before September of the same year (unless, of course, it were to adjourn sine die sooner).

Vetoed Bills

Year Short Title Action Fate of Veto Promulgation
2017 Economy Act of 2017 Vetoed Sustained -
2017 Re-Econ Act of 2017 Vetoed Sustained -
2017 Literal Government Transparency Act of 2017 Vetoed Sustained -

Recorded use of the veto

The presidential veto has been utilised three times in Silofais' history.

Percentage vetoes
Percentage regular
vetoes overridden
Total 3 0 3 0 0% 0%
Horatio Eden
(After second inauguration)
3 0 3 0 0 0