List of micronations in Oregon

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Oregon. Note that "N/A" is often used in place of information that is missing, unclear, or simply none.

List of active micronations in Oregon

Flag State Capital Pop.
Uiopp.png Usian Republic Usipolis 33
Herzetia.png State of Herzetia New Nolius N/A
Flag (4) edited 2.png Sultanate of Vagaria Adra 18
GreaterCascadiaFlag.jpg Greater Cascadian Republic Tíotáiniam 115
PortlandiaFlag.png Portlandia (Cascadia) Tíotáiniam 26
Noflag.png Mazama (Sonora) Klamath 4
Feline Republic.jpg Animalian Republic Pawtucket 40

List of inactive micronations in Oregon

Flag State Capital Pop.
Noflag.png Smithtown N/A N/A
Flag of Legabelden.jpg Kingdom of Legabelden Daskhinet 24
Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia Auroris 7
Flag of Rackistan.png Rackistan Deb City 3
Flag of Legatia.png Legatia Fredensberg City 29
Tabastan Flag.gif People's Republic of Tabastan Tualatin City 3,092

List of defunct micronations in Oregon

Flag State Capital Pop.
HerzetianCaliphate.png First Grand Herzetian Caliphate New Nolius N/A
Herzetia.png Kingdom of Herzetia Nolius N/A
Flag imperial.png Empire of Maetheus N/A 4
Noflag.png Grand Republic of Vuldstein N/A N/A
Prsanea Flag.png Grand Duchy of Prsänëa Georgetown, Prsänëa 1
PPR Flag.png Prsänëa People's Republic Georgetown, Prsänëa 5
Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Federal Republic of Zealandia Stepanavik 43
Flag of Oregonia.png Oregonia N/A N/A
Q-44.png Kingdom of Quixotica Redemption Hill 14
SonoranConfed.jpg Sonora Clackamas 80