Empire of Maetheus

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Empire of Maetheus
Flag imperial.pngNocoa.png

Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt. (Latin: In harmony small things grew)
Maetheus Uber Alles
Capital cityN/A
Largest cityN/A
Official language(s)English, German
Short nameMaetheus
Time zoneN/A
National sportQi Gong
National animalTiger
Constitute nation of the Workers' Democratic Republic under Freya

The Empire of Maetheus, or simply Maetheus, is a micronation and political experiment. It is a constitute nation of the Workers' Democratic Republic under Freya.


The idea of the political experiment began before and during the formation of the Workers' Democratic Republic under Freya, due to Vidhur struggling with the Buddhist concept of Anicca, or Impermanence. He had wondered if there was an alternative to claiming land on earth (which is already half-way through it's life), and had considered claiming space, extrasolar land, and other ways around it.

In August, Vidhur, researching larger micronations, came across the Global Country of World Peace, a country that seemingly claims no land. He had come to the conclusion that it was "a changing religion that elects a leader, and for some reason mints it's own currency and has a flag". After much planning, he had decided to found a political experiment in which a nation has no land, only citizens, a flag, government, and a set of laws, and compare it to a functioning territorial micronation.

Maetheus Field

The Maetheus Field is a map of large concentrations of citizens around the world that are governed by the Empire. The current Maetheus field has four points ("particles"), in Oregon, California and Britain.

Maetheus Field, showing two major points
Maetheus Field, zoomed