Domusian-Appalachian-Freyan Feud

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The Domusian-Appalachian-Freyan Feud
Date July 19 2012
Location England
Result Freyan Victory
Great Kingdom of Domus Flag freya.png Worker's Democratic Republic under Freya, Appalachian Commonwealth
Great Kingdom of Domus Vidhur
3 13
Injuries and losses
1 0

The Domusian-Appalachian-Freyan Feud was a short conflict taking place between the Appalachian Commonwealth, Freya, and Domus.

Beginning Provocations

In the beginning, Domus posted an unprovoked declaration of war against the Empire of Austenasia, which was promptly ignored. Alaxender Smith, Supreme Leader of the Appalachian Commonwealth, did not like it, and posted a certain scathing comment. The leader of Freya agreed, and so war with Domus was expected. Early in the morning, Fleeman and Smith were discussing what their respective nations would do in the event of annexing Domus, when Domus entered into the conversation and, in true Domusian fashion, abruptly declared war.

The First Battle

The first "battle" was fought by throwing barbed remarks and scathing messages, including accusations of puppet states, lying, proxies, and many other things. This battle lasted two hours. Meanwhile, in the Appalachian Commonwealth, small riots where dotting the country, the citizens angered at the war. During this, several rouge citizens of the Appalachian Commonwealth briefly broke into the dwelling of Alexander Smith.

Community Response

The declaration of war caused extensive riots in the Appalachian Commonwealth, but elsewhere is unknown. In Northumbira-Mounteburg, Domusian agents captured King Louis for a short while, then released him. The vast majority of nations disliked the war.

End Result

At 7:40, the the Great Kingdom of Domus offically retreated, leaving Fleeman and the leader of the Appalachian Commonwealth alone and at peace. "We grow weary of thiese frivolities. Excpect us [again]." Also, the leaders of Freya and Eleftheria claimed the monarchy of Domus, with Fleeman abdicating after becaus of freyas dissolution.