First Grand Herzetian Caliphate

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First Grand Herzetian Caliphate
Flag of Herzetia
Motto: "Allah!"
Anthem: "Under the Banner of Allah"
CapitalNew Nolius
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic
GovernmentIslamic Caliphate
• Caliph
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneUTC-8
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Herzetia
State of Herzetia

The First Grand Herzetian Caliphate was an Islamic caliphate formed by the Herzetian Insurgents on 9 August 2020. It existed from 9 August to 27 November 2020, ruled by the Grand Caliph, A.Y. One of the caliphate's main goals was spreading Islam across the micronational world. It was dissolved and replaced by the State of Herzetia on 27 November.