Animalian Republic

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Animalian Socialist Republic


Liberty will always be heard!
Portland, Oregon
Capital cityAnimalia City
Largest cityPawtucket
Official language(s)None (official), English (de facto), various animal languages
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentDevolved semi-presidential constitutional parliamentary republic
- Ceannaire (Leader)Cali Bear
- Príomha (Premier)Tater Puisín
LegislatureAnimalian National Council
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - February 1, 2021
EstablishedNovember 2, 2017
August 29, 2019 (state of the Republic of Cascadia)
CurrencyCascadian State Credit
Time zoneUTC -7 to -8
National dishFish
National drinkMilk
National animalBear

Animalia, also known as the Animalian Socialist Republic is a state in the Greater Cascadian Republic comprised of mainly stuffed animals (more appropriately called "Stuffy"). Governed as a semi-presidential and Constitutional parliamentary republic, the Ceannaire ("Chief" or "Leader") is the designated chief executive while the Príomha ("Premier") is the head of government who presides over the Senate. It had originally began as a political party in Sonora and members of the Worker's Party. However, as the government planned a move out of state, party support and the Sonoran government began to collapse. Following a referendum on November 1, 2017, a split from the Worker's Party and members of the Feline Party came to an agreement with each other and the Sonoran leaders and declared bilateral independence on November 2. A provisional government was set up with elections occuring November 9 with the Feline Socialist Party gaining 4 seats in the National Council. On April 10, 2018, Feline officials agreed to become federal subjects and an autonomous republic of Stuffistan, allowing them to maintain the government and sovereignty they have while being part of a greater federation of stuffed toys. On April 22, they agreed to allow the Stuffistani monarch to serve as a ceremonial, judicial and constitutional position within their Republic while maintaining their Republican and national identity. The ruling party, the Socialists backed the Stuffistani republican government when the nation changed political course while the Nationalists supported the Monarchists. This played a major role in the 4-day Stuffistani Civil War and eventual government and economic collapse of Stuffistan as a whole. Following this, the Feline Republic declared unilateral independence and reverted to its former independent form of governance. After a fallout with right wing forces, spillover into Sonora and the Sonoran September Revolution brought new reforms and new name for the entity, which eventually formed an agreement to reunionize with Sonora. In November 2018, Sonora's Smithist regime was quietly overthrown by government and party members and was replaced with a confederation with Animalia becoming a parliamentary republic. In March 2019, following the passage of the National and Popular Sovereignty Act, Animalia reverted back to a semi-presidential system while maintaining a parliamentary style republic. It established it's own militsrybin the wake of the National Militia Act and the subsequent Sonoran National Sovereignty Defense Act. On April 18, 2019, it withdrew from the Sonoran Confederation. It remained independent until the events of the neighboring Cascadian War. During the encroaching peace, Animalia entered into a merger with the Cascadian Democratic Republic and Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic in creating the Republic of Cascadia. Animalia effectively dissolved during the 2019 summer but reemerged when the creation of states was established in August 2019.


The Feline Republic started as a band of stuffed militia known as the Kitty Army, who alongside other groups such as the Olaf National Liberation Front (later the Olaf National Party), and the Stuffed Animal Coalition (later the Stuffy Unity Party). On October 10, 2016, Marxia declared independence from Shaoshan while its citizens unanimously requested to retain their Shaoshanian citizenship as well. An alliance also formed with Shaoshan and the Olaf Empire to form the Sonoran Alliance. On December 4, 2016, Shaoshan dissolved and the Marxian Premier reorganized the alliance into a empire, with agreement from the other two powers. Under the empire, the Feline Party became a small party of liberalism that aligned with the more left wing ruling Theodorists. The monarchy was abolished in August 2017 following a socialist revolution in which many Feline Party members defected to the Theodorists to form the Worker's Party. However as power shifted more towards the Politburo, coupled with domestic issues including a planned government move to Oregon, a nationwide referendum was held. A bilateral declaration of independence was issued on November 1, 2017 by the Olaf People's Republic. Following this, bipartisan efforts of the Feline Party (now the Feline Nationalist Party) and the former Worker's Party members (creating the Feline Socialist Party) and bilateral agreement with the Sonoran government allowed for a declaration of independence on November 2, creating the Purrcifica. In February 2018, after a dismal legislative season, the Nationalist Party gained power and led a slight resurgence in the economy and strengthening of national defense. Despite this, the Socialists returned to power in May 2018, following the government cooperation in federating the republic into Stuffistan. The Socialists, however, would back the Stuffistan government as it transitioned into a republic from a monarchy, while the Nationalists backed the monarchists. This played a major role in the 4-day-long Stuffistani Civil War. While the government remained victorious and in power, Stuffistan fell further into economic and government collapse. On June 27, the Feline Republic declared independence after the Stuffistani nation effectively dissolved. The ruling Feline Socialist party, however, was falling out of favor by the end of June. After political turmoil, civil war, and a revolution, the state renamed as Animalia and in October 2018, reunionized with Sonora. In November, Sonora suffered a civil war of its own and the nation became a confederacy with Animalia becoming a parliamentary republic and abolishing its office of President. Pip the Cat was elected in a close election as Premier, succeeding his sister, Stormy, who had held the position of President since May 2018. Stormy was elected to replaced her sister Pusheen, who had served from November 2017. This marks three generations of siblings to have been elected consecutively since the founding of the Republic. Some have referred to it as "hereditary democracy". Pip resumed the role of Presidency when the Premeirship was abolished in Spring 2019. Animalia also saw its liberation first through its power to determine it's own government system, setting it's own elections, the establishment of it's own military and finally its withdrawal from the Confederation in April 2019. On May 2 and May 6, Animalia held its first post-Sonoran election since August 2018, with the Animalian National Union gaining a majority in both the Pawtucket and Petigrad City Councils and the National Council with Cookie the Cat being elected President of the Republic by over 52% of the vote. It marked the first time since the founding of the nation that an opposition candidate has filled the Presidency and breaking the Pusheen sibling dynasty. It ended its independence and de facto dissolved for a period of four months following its entrance into the Cascadian War when it entered into union with the Cascadian Democratic Republic and Cascadians Soviet Socialist Republic, forming the Cascadian Republic. Cascadia reunited and rebuilt the former Sonoran cities and states from the ruins of the collapsed Sonoran Confederation slowly and diplomatically. In August 2019, it announced the creation of 7 autonomous states with one being the re-establishing of Animalia.

Government and politics

The Animalian Republic is governed as a semi-Presidential parliamentary republic with participatory politics and direct democracy. Its head of government is the Ceannaire ("Chief" or "Leader") who operates the functions of the state as Chief executive while its governing body, the National Council, is represented by and elects the Príomha ("Premier") who is part of the executive cabinet representing the government itself. The Ceannaire and Príomha are elected every three months with the Príomha typically being the head of the ruling party of the Senate. Currently the National Council consists of 3 Socialists and 2 Animalian Nationals. The Cascadian Army provides national defense in the form of a military force and the Cascadian Police Force as a civilian force with the Ceannaire acting as the commander-iin-chief. The Cascadian Army and Cascadian Police are under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice, respectively. The Senate is a participatory gathering through the form of parliamentary democracy to make policy and direct and progress the state.


Animalia is influenced heavily by a mixture of Californian, Cascadian, Stuffy, and Animalian culture and politics and therefore many aspects of the nation resemble this in origin. This includes its unique linguistics and speech, food, etc. These influences are a culture clash of Americanization as well as Mexican and Asian culture.