Olaf Empire

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Olaf Empire

Snowmen Know Best
In Summer
San Francisco Bay Area
Capital cityOlafburg
Largest cityOlafburg
Official language(s)None (official), English (de facto)
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentFederal Diarchy; Autonomous Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary direct democracy
- KingHIRM Olaf Gustafsen II
- Prime MinisterOlaf Harvesten
- Supreme SovereignHM Buster I
LegislatureNational Council
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - May 9, 2018
EstablishedApril 10, 2018 (autonomous nation of Stuffistan)
November 1, 2017 (independence from Sonora)
October 10, 2016 (independence from Shaoshan)
December 4, 2016 (autonomous region of Sonora)
CurrencyOlaf Credit
Time zoneUTC -7 to -8
National dishSnowcone
National drinkLemonade
National animalReindeer

The Olaf Empire is a secessionist micronation comprised of mainly Olaf snowman. Governed as a constitutional monarchy, the Prime Minister is the designated head of government who presides over the Olaf National Council and chief executive while the King acts as the nation's official head of state. The nation declared independence once in October 2016, before entering an alliance with Shaoshan and the Marxian People's Republic on December 4, 2016. Shaoshan dissolved and the Marxian Premier, with the agreement of the Olaf King and Shaoshanian President, reformed the alliance into an empire to form Sonora. In doing so, the Olaf Kingdom became a vassal state. However, unlike Marxia, the Olaf Kingdom held power as more of a nation within a nation, with the Sonoran monarchy remaining a figurehead while the King was the actual head of state and the Chief Minister (formerly Prime Minister) remained the Chief executive and head of the Olaf National Council. After a political revolution, a new liberal government and progressive King came to power. Following the August 2017 socialist revolution sweeping Sonora, the monarchy was abolished in favor of a democratic socialist government. After a plan to move the Sonoran government to Oregon in the following months, on November 1, 2017, the Olaf People's Republic declared bilateral independence, agreed upon with Sonora's assent and following a public referendum.


The Olaf nation as an entity started as a band of stuffed militia snowman known as the Olaf National Liberation Front, who alongside other groups such as the Kitty Army (later the Feline Party), and the Stuffed Animal Coalition (later the Stuffy Unity Party On October 10, 2016, Marxia declared independence from Shaoshan while its citizens unanimously requested to retain their Shaoshanian citizenship as well. An alliance with also formed with Shaoshan and the Olaf Empire to form the Sonoran Alliance. On December 4, 2016, Shaoshan dissolved and the Marxian Premier reorganized the alliance into an empire, with agreement from the other two powers. Under the empire, the Olaf Kingdom became a vassal state with semi-autonomy with the Sonoran monarch as a de facto figurehead, the King as primary head of state and the Chief Minister as chief executive and head of the Olaf National Council. The monarchy was abolished in August 2017 following a socialist revolution. The second declaration of independence was issued on November 1, 2017, following a public referendum and spurred on by Sonora's plan to move the government to Oregon. On December 16, 2017, former King and founder of the Olaf nation, Olaf Gustafsen I, died. He was succeeded by his son Olaf Gustafsen II as the head of the Gustafsen house. On February 8, 2018, a royalist coup toppled the People's Republic and restored the monarchy. A constituent assembly was formed and cast their votes in place of the election the following day for the National Council and to place Olaf Gustafsen II on the throne. In April 2018, the Empire agreed to form a federal union with the Feline Republic and the Stuffy citizens of a collapsed Sonoran state to form Stuffistan. Under the federal system, the Empire would be a diarchy with the Supreme Sovereign being the Stuffistani monarch who would world magistrate titles and constitutional authority and the King being head of state of the Olaf nation.

Government and politics

The Olaf Empire is governed as a diarchic, constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary direct democracy. Its head of government and de facto chief executive is the Prime Minister who operates the daily functions of the state and its governing body, the Olaf National Council. The head of state is the King who acts as the nation's diplomatic ambassador. The current King is His Imperial Royal Majesty Olaf Gustafsen II who ascended the throne after the restoration of the monarchy in February 2018 and became head of the House of Gustafsen following The death of his father and Stuffy revolutionary activist and Olaf nationalist, Olaf Gustafsen I, in December 2017. Olaf Gustafsen I was The ruling King of the Olaf nation from its inception until his removal in February 2017. The Prime Minister is elected every three months and is appointed by the King by Imperial Assent. The Olaf National Constabulary provides civilian and national defense in the form of a paramilitary force and the King is the commander-in-chief. The Olaf National Council is a participatory gathering through the form of parliamentary democracy to make policy and direct and progress the state. Currently, the Olaf Social Democratic Party comprises a 3 man majority over the 2 man minority and opposition, the Olaf National Party. The Supreme Sovereign acts as the magistrate and constitutional authority.


The Olaf Empire is influenced heavily by a mixture of Scandinavian culture and politics and therefore many aspects of the nation resemble this in origin. This includes its unique linguistics and speech, food, etc. These influences are a culture clash of Americanization as well as Mexican, Scandinavian, and Asian culture, primarily that of Chinese influence. Twelve citizens claim residence or affiliation with the Kingdom.