Cascadian War

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Cascadian War
Date10–17 May 2019 (7 days)

Democratic Republic Victory: Smith removed from power, purged from Cascadian Patriotic Party and forced into exhile.
New government formed of Cascadian Democratic Republic with Cali Bear as President
Smithists form People's People's Patriotic Party and Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic (aka South Cascadia) in opposition to democratic government
Animalia declares war on Smithists, agreeing to aid the Bear-McCovey government militarily.
Pawtucket Peace Accords reunite CSSR and CDR and a union of Cascadia and Animalia.
Smith barred from Presidential runs.
People's Army dissolved, People's Patriotic Party enters mainstream politics
All parties will be granted a say in new Constitution and government.
Animalia will merge with Cascadia on grounds new election be held between Cascadian President Cali Bear and Animalian President Cookie the Cat and a new Cascadian National Assembly will be elected with 6 seats
Peoples Armed Police and Animalian Army to become the Cascadian Army.
Socialist Party of Animalia will merge into the Cascadian Patriotic Party.

Animalian National Union Party will become the Cascadian National Union Party.
Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic (South Cascadia) Cascadian Democratic Republic (North Cascadia)
Animalian Republic
Commanders and leaders
Generalissimo Titus Smith
Marshal Amy Smith

Generalissimo Cali Bear
Field Marshal Buster McCovey

Marshal Pip the Cat
Marshal Stormy the Cat
Marshal Pusheen the Cat
Ceannaire Cookie the Cat
Poblachtmarshal Twylie the Cat
Marshal Olaf Gustafsen II
Field Marshal Tater the Cat
10 (People's Army) 20+ (Cascadian People's Armed Police/Animalian Army

The Cascadian War was a conflict between the Cascadian Democratic Republic and the Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic. The conflict was primarily between the Smithist "Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic (or South Cascadia) and the democratic socialist government of the Cascadian Democratic Republic (informally "North Cascadia"). The war was confined largely to a siege of the Cascadian capital, Clackamas, as Smithists continued to antagonize the larger Cascadian People's Armed Police.


After the fall of the Sonoran Confederation, led by Smith who continued to give more military and political autonomy to the individual states, the Cascadian People's Republic declared its independence. Shortly after this, the longtime leader of Cascadia and its predecessor states, resigned, handing power over to Smith who began to consolidate power around him. As his perceived personality cult grew the economic issues of the Sonoran state were inherited by Cascadia who began to fall into their own financial crisis. By the May 6th election, the economy had collapsed. Smith won the election by 92% of the vote but the continued financial burden of the country led to protests culminating in a coup d'etat by those once considered most loyal to Smith. Vice President Cali Bear assumed the Presidency and other conspirators began seizing control of major state entities. Amongst the leaders were Buster McCovey and former Animalian President Pip the Cat, who held Cascadian citizenship and high ranking status in the Cascadian Patriotic Party, the ruling party of the state. Despite this the Animalian government has denied active involvement in the coup. By May 12, all Smithists had been purged and run out of the country but not before declaring "people's war" against the new government. Cali Bear declared the end of the Smithist Soviet regime and the establishment of more democratic socialist reforms under the ideal of People's Multi-party democracy creating the Cascadian Democratic Republic. On May 13, Smith declared that the Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic lives on in the cities of Willamette and New Salem and vowed to take back Clackamas and the Cascadian state. He also formed the People's Patriotic Party as the new vanguard and the establishment of the Cascadian People's Army as an insurgency against the Cascadian People's Armed Police. On May 14, Cali Bear was elected President of Cascadia and the Cascadian Patriotic Party won 4 of 5 seats in the People's Assembly with Buster McCovey being elected Chairman of the Assembly and was appointed by Bear as his Vice President. This drew a response by Smith who declared the post-coup "invalid" and vowed to retake Cascadia from "traitors and theives" and resume his place as the "rightful, legitimate President". On May 15, the new Animalian President, Cookie the Cat, declared war on the Smithists, pledging the Animalian Army and diplomatic support for the Bear-McCovey government. On May 16, a ceasefire was agreed upon with a peace agreement signed on May 17.