Titania Smith

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Titania Smith

Her Imperial Highness
The Right Honorable
Titania Gaia Brigid Freyja Julia Drusilla Diana Ceres Augusta Octavia California Oregonia Cascadia Pacifica Hibernia Alba Northumbria Normandy Percy Smith
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of New Reno
Prime Minister of New Reno
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Predecessor HIH Julia Smith
Successor Incumbent
Crown Princess of New Reno
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Duchess of Oregonia
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Earl of Multnomah
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Countess of Portlandia
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Banrí of Titaniapolis
Assumed office
23 September 2022
Born Queen of the Valley Hospital, Napa, w:California
Citizenship Renoan
Nationality Californian-Cascadian
Ethnicity Irish, Scottish, Northumbrian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish
Political party Citizens
Spouse(s) Morgan Taylor (Domestic partner since 2021)
Amy Augusta (2017-2020; divorced)
Residence Portland, Oregon
Occupation Supreme Priestess, Politician, Security officer, Activist, Student, Blogger
Religion Wicca-Paganism
Military service
Nickname(s) TSmith, Smithy, TSmithy, Woman of Steel, Titanium Lady
Allegiance New Reno
Service/branch Imperial Defense Force
In service 2022-present
Commands Generalissima
Titania Smith
Era dates
2010 -present
House Percy-Smith
Father Al Foster
Mother HIH Julia Smith

Titania Gaia Brigid Freyja Smith HRE, DRE, VC, AC, FC, OD, OB, ODF, OGP, OWG, OP, OC, OV (known simply as Titania Smith) is a micronationalist, politician, and military leader, activist, security officer, student, and video blogger, who currently serves as the Prime Minister of New Reno and is the de facto Crown Princess. She served as Empress of New Reno from March to July 2022 and briefly as its head of state during its transition to democracy. She also served numerous leadership positions in Cascadia, both republican and regal. Smith served one full term and part of a second term as 1st Chief for the Multnomah People's Commune and 1st Facilitator of the Multnomah People's Council. She briefly served as the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Baliga and the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Unitary State of Annexia in early 2022. Smith was also a noblewoman of the House of Irikladis of Cimbrun with the rank of Anassa. Smith served briefly as a Member of Parliament in Ethosia from February 7-March 22, 2022 and as the long term head of state of Cascadia from February 15, 2020 to September 11, 2021, ruling with often unhindered autocratic powers, under the title of Ceannaire (Leader) and was notable for her regime of Celtification. During her tenure as Cascadian head of state, she also served as its paramount military leader, under the title of Generalissima. This title was brought over to the succeeding Multnomah People's Defense. She is one of the modern pioneers of micronationalism having been in the community since 2010 and one of several transgender leaders.

Early life, family, and education

Smith was born in Napa, California on 4 September 1991 to Al Foster and Julia Smith in a poor, working-class family. Her father deserted her and her mother shortly after she was born and, despite attempts to harbor a relationship in adulthood, she has yet to met him, which has manifested in Smith's public resentment of her father. Smith's mother, Julia, was a 30-year substance abuser who lived in abstract poverty for many years, never staying in one location for very long. As such, Smith was sent to live with her grandparents, Diana and Augustus Smith, from the age of 7 until she was 26, though her and her mother maintained a fairly close and loving relationship; Smith's grandfather was also a struggling alcoholic who died in December 2012 from diabetes, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure. Julia married in 2003 but her husband (Smith's stepfather) died in June 2011 of a pulmonary embolism in which she watched him take his last breath, an event that scarred her for years. In September 2013, Julia gave birth to another daughter, Juno (Smith's half sister). Julia sought treatment in October 2014 and remains clean and sober. She received her Associates of Science degree in 2015 and currently works as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Smith's grandparents, Diana and Augustus, were long-time psychiatric technicians for the State of California. Augustus retired in 2004 and Diana fully retired in 2009. Diana and Julia Smith both reside with Smith's half sister in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Sacramento.

Smith went to Kindergarten in Napa Valley, but went to another school after moving in with her grandparents where she was enrolled from 1st to 8th grade. She completed her primary education in June 2006 and enrolled at Rodriguez High School school that same August. While there, she was President of a club that raised money for disadvantaged children in the community and provided medical supplies for tribal clinics in Tanzania. In 2008, Smith passed her California High School Exit Exam (or CAHSEE) with proficient marks in English and average in Math. She obtained her high school diploma in 2010 in general education. Smith enrolled in Solano Community College which she states, at the time, was "to appease [her] family". She maintained average grades but switched majors several times. Smith also twice enrolled in classes at nearby Napa Valley College in Spring 2012 and Fall 2018 respectively. Smith plans to complete her post-secondary education in the future, spending much of the last decade independently studying philosophy, politics, government and economics, and public administration. She aims to earn a Bachelors in Public Administration.


Smith's political career began in 2009 with the creation of "Star Nation", which later became the catalyst for the "Starland Project" or simply Starland. In 2012, Smith created the short-lived state of Sonora, serving as its monarch. She would later serve with Casey Hamlin as part of the Hamlinian Republic and Oasis Islands projects over the next two years. During her tenure with Hamlin, she stood as the Social Liberal Party nominee for President of the Hamlinian Republic in the 2012 Hamlinian Presidential Election, losing by a narrow margin of two votes to then-Vice President, Daniel Stefanko. She then went on to serve as both a Majority and Minority Leader in the Senate and eventually Vice President. Hamlin dissolved his micronation in April 2014 and retired from micronationalism. This left Smith's project, Costa Dorada, as the sole existing remnant of the Oasis Islands and she declared its independence as a socialist republic; Costa Dorada folded in November 2014. She also formed a side project known as Marxia, jointly co-governing the territory with the Republic of Promesa, another micronation that she had become involved with. Smith served as Marxia's Premier and Senator until she declared its independence from Promesa in July 2015, due to Promesa's inactivity.

In February 2015, Smith founded the People's Commune of Shaoshan, serving numerous government incarnations as its head of state. During her tenure, Smith focused more on internal affairs and less on the foreign world. After declaring Marxia independent from Promesa, it became a protectorate of Shaoshan. The project was eventually abandoned and the territory incorporated into the larger City of Shaoshan in 2018. Shaoshan was later incorporated into a revived Sonoran state. Sonora was dissolved in April 2019 and Shaoshan was disincorporated the following September. Cascadia, a member state of Sonora, would declare independence as Smith and several friends and family members carried on her legacy through it, though she would not officially be elected to serve as head of state until the following year. When she was finally elected to office in February 2020, she began instituting many economic and social reforms as part of the development of the ideal of Smithism and Cascadian socialism. She used the COVID-19 pandemic to enact sweeping emergency powers to be invested in her office which she used to consolidate power.

In June 2020, in the wake of the racial protests, Smith aligned Cascadia with Antifascist and antiracist groups such as Black Lives Matter and began to wage a militant cold war against Donald Trump, his administration and his supporters. This would lead to a crackdown on right-wing political opponents, particularly anyone who identified with Trumpism. Her crusade against ultranationalist and ultraconservative groups like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer became a constant public affair that was both supported and condemned by members of the micronational community. Smith also challenged the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security and Portland Police, referring to them as "terrorist organizations" due to their controversial deployment into the Portland metro area. Smith decried the United States as a "state sponsor of terror" and a "fascist dictatorship" with federal agents being referred to as "agents of imperialism". This came to a head after the 2020 US Presidential election as fanatical and angry supporters began rebelling against the Smith regime, leading to a crackdown on political dissent and purging of former Smith loyalists who disagreed with her autocratic handling of the situation. Smith's tirades would continue until her eventual fall from power and dissolution of Cascadia in September 2021.

Political Views

Ideological Leanings

Smith identifies as a contemporary Marxist, a student of Marxist-Leninist theory, and a proponent of Maoist-Third Worldism. She is influenced and inspired by the philosophies and theories of Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara. Smith is known for her ardent stances and pieces on socialism and progressive politics, known as "Titania Smith Thought" or "Smithism". She is also a feminist who has strongly advocated for women's rights, especially for trans women, and is known for standing strong on abortion rights issues. She is also a proponent of minimum wage increases, equal pay for women, and equal opportunity for all gender identities. She has been vocal in her opposition of fascism and the rising tide of racism from politicians and police. As such, Smith has been viewed as one of the harshest critics of Donald Trump and his supporters.

California Nationalism and Support for Independence Movements

Smith has been a registered voter since 2009, having been a registered non-partisan in US federal elections since 2012. Instead, she chose to associate with smaller, regional, pro-independence groups such as the California National Party, with whom she was active with from December 2015 up until 2021. She also was associated briefly with Cascadian Independence Party and Bioregional Party in Oregon, and the wider Cascadian independence movement. As such, Smith has identified as a California nationalist and bioregionalist. She has also voiced her support of several other independence movements in Texas, New England, and Kurdistan.

In 2023, when asked about her current positions, Smith said she no longer supports or associates with the independence movements, choosing liberation through Marxist theory as the ultimate goal of attaining independence and true freedom. She vocally criticzed the California nationalist movement as being socially fascist and said that the only way to achieve independence is through revolution and the balkinazation of the American settler-colonial state. She called the Cascadian Independence movement "lazy and lacking any direction or cohesive guidance or authority."

In 2017, Smith recognized Catalonia as an independent nation. Similarly, Smith has recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics since 2014. In 2022, Smith reaffirmed her support for the Donbass regions but denounced the overall Russian invasion of Ukraine. Smith believes in the breakup of the United Kingdom through the independence of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Northumbria, the Isle of Man and the reunification of Ulster with the rest of Ireland. Smith is also a vocal proponent of republicanism in the British Isles, advocating for separate Scottish, Welsh and English republics.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Smith is an open advocate for LGBT rights issues, having either supported or authored numerous acts of legislation which seek to protect LGBTQ youth and equality. She is an active member of Human Rights Campaign and supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Smith has actively and aggressively opposed right wing, anti-gay activists and micronationalists, often engaging in Cold War-style politics with certain micronations. Her stubbornness and unwillingness to yield to her opponents has garnered her both praise and criticism alike, earning her monikers such as the "Titanium Lady" and the "Woman of Steel". Regardless, Smith has maintained her position as a leading micronational activist for LGBT equality and an active supporter of gay rights including same-sex marriage, the right to adopt, the right to serve openly in the military, and donate blood. She strongly supports gender transitioning and the right for transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their gender identity. In 2023, Smith became publicly vocal about the need for gay and trans liberation through the use of violent force.

Decriminalization of Drugs

Smith supports the decriminalization of all drugs and the legalization of marijuana. She has both supported and voted in favor of legislation for the legalization of psilocybin for medical use. Harder drugs like cocaine and heroin, she believes, should be decriminalized and treated as a public health crisis rather than a criminal act and should be subject to mental health and medical treatment rather than criminal rehabilitation.

Gun Rights

Smith believes in an armed proletariat and has stood in favor of pro-gun advocacy. However, Smith has conceded that there is an gun violence epidemic in the United States and has introduced bills advocating for better gun safety and background checks. She is opposed to gun control stating a necessity for guns for safety and protection reasons, though a sound minded public and better training is needed to ensure the stabilization and reduction of gun accidents and violence. While not a gun owner herself, Smith has expressed interest in owning assault weapons and collecting antique rifles which has been the source of criticism by her opponents.

Net Neutrality

Smith 2019 Political Compass.png

Smith is a strong advocate of net neutrality and has vowed on many occasions to protect it. She was a staunch supporter of the Occupy Movement and the Anonymous Collective and stands in support and defense of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, NSA contractor Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. She authored the Manning-Assange Freedom of Information Act (MAFIA) as a member in the Oasis Islands Senate and has authored a similar set of bills to ensure her own citizens' protection from their government and from outside forces. Smith is openly critical of the NSA and openly condemns any and all surveillance of American citizens by the US government. In addition, she is a strong advocate for open government and government transparency, opposing world governments and organizations who seek to censor the Internet. She was vocally critical of bills such as ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA.

Anti-Corporate Activism

Smith opposes Corporatocracy and monopoly and has openly criticized corporations over their influence on government. She has openly criticized banks and denounced the United States Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund as a "pyramid schemes" designed to keep people in poverty. Smith believes in the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve in favor of a worker-owned enterprise responsible for a single-payer tax system in order to pay for goods and services. She also believes in arresting corrupt bankers and investment in a central credit union or State Bank, withdrawal from the International Monetary Fund, hardline enforcement of anti-trust laws through de-monopolization and de-corporatization, and more press freedom.

Personal life

Sexuality and Gender Transition

Smith identifies as pansexual, having come out in September 2015 and states that she is demiromantic. She states that her sexuality and romantic orientation are neither the same nor exclusive and that she sees beauty in everyone.

In September 2019, Smith came out as transgender and began feminizing hormone therapy in June 2020. She plans to have full gender affirming surgery in the future.

Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Partnership

Smith was married to Amy Augusta from August 2017 until March 2021. The two met in 2015 and began a romantic courtship in July 2016. They became engaged the following year and married two months later in a private Pagan ceremony. The two separated in July 2020 and filed for divorce in January 2021; the divorce was finalized on March 2.

Smith has been in a relationship with Morgan Taylor, a Quartz technician, since June 2021. Taylor is non-binary who uses they/them pronouns who also has been on estrogen-hormone therapy since 2018. The two met through work in September 2019 but maintained a professional relationship until May 2021 when their relationship became more platonic, eventually becoming romantic.


Smith has a younger half-sister, Juno (born September 23, 2013), who is Queen of New Reno and lives with the her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in the Sierra Nevada foothills above Sacramento. Smith's great-grandmother, Ceres, is the Head of the Houses of Normandy and Percy-Smith, having headed these houses unofficially since 1994 and officially since New Reno's founding in 2015. At 96 years old, she is the long-reigning Matriarch of the family and has been recognized as the official Matriarch of New Reno. In May 2023, Ceres surpassed Queen Elizabeth II in age.

Smith's grandmother, Diana, is a former psychiatric technician who worked 32 years at Camarillo, Atascadero, and Napa State Hospital respectfully. She retired in 2009.

Smith's mother, Julia, is a former veterinary receptionist and former locksmith. She currently is a support staff member at a drug and alcohol facility where she was formerly a drug and alcohol counselor. She is currently working on a degree in cybersecurity.

Disabilities and Mental Health

Smith suffers from Attention deficit disorder, autism, chronic depression and anxiety disorder. She has long treated her disabilities with cannabis which she says has had a more positive effect than medication.

Interests and Hobbies

Smith possesses a wide array of knowledge and spends much of her spare time researching current events, politics, and science. She has a wide amount of knowledge in history, geography, government and politics, and a fair amount of knowledge in biology and can often be found giving lectures throughout the micronational community.

Religious views

Smith is a Wiccan who practices Norse and Irish paganism and publicly celebrates the Sabbats. She is a Supreme Priestess in Multnomah with her Craft being Healing and Protection Magick and Divination. Smith has stated that she is opposed to organized religion and despises religious extremism of all kinds. She has openly criticized the Westboro Baptist Church and other ultra-conservative religions. In the same respect, Smith has said that she is opposed to anti-theists believing them to be "arrogant and self-centered human beings" and has referred to them them as "extremists of the non-religious and non-believers."


Her Imperial Highness, The Right Honorable, Titania Gaia Brigid Freyja Julia Drusilla Diana Ceres Augusta Octavia California Oregonia Cascadia Pacifica Hibernia Alba Northumbria Normandy Percy Smith, Prime Minister of New Reno, Duchess of Oregonia, Dame of the Vines, Madam of the Roses, Matron of Cannabis, Matriarch of Shamrocks, Guardian of the Bioregions, Custodian of the Cascades, Protector of the Pacific, Motherly Guide of the People, Supreme Priestess of the Coven of Witches and Pagans, Dame Commander in the Order of Renoan Empire (DRE), Order of the Douglas Fir (ODF), Order of the Bear (OB), Order of Cascadia (OC), Order of the Golden Poppy (OGP), Order of the Western Gate (OWG), Order of the Pacific (OP), Order of the Dagda (OD), Order of Glory (OG), Order of Victory (OV), Order of People's Friendship (OPF), Medal for Impeccable Military Service, 1st Class (IMS), Medal for Impeccable Public Service, 1st Class (IPS), Medal for Distinguished Military Service (DMS), Order for Distinguished Service (ODS), Order of Military Merit (OMM), Order of Merit (OM), Medal of Honor (MH), Medal of Valor (MV), Medal of Courage (MC), Recipient of the Medal of the Veteran of Defense (MVD), Recipient of the Medal of the Veteran of Labor (MVL), Recipient of the Victorian Cross (VC), Recipient of St Andrew's Cross (AC), Recipient of Freyja's Cross (FC), Honored Military Leader (HML), Hero of the Renoan Empire (HRE), and Hero of Labor (HL), People's Teacher (PT) - Master of Education (M.Ed).


  • Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The only way to protect ourselves and ensure our freedom and liberation and that of future generations is through violent means against the forces of corruption and tyranny. I would rather die a martyr for the cause of liberation than to die a coward in chains, with the boot of the oppressor pressed against my throat.
  • I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. I'm always going to tell you flat out how I feel. If you don't like it, that's fine. We are all entitled to our own opinions.
  • Corporations are nothing more than an evil monopoly. They corrupt power, ruin democracies, and add to the inequality of society.
  • In the past decade, we have seen a nation of surplus, business, and great democracy and influence become one of the most corrupt and broken political and economic systems in the western world. We have gone from a nation of immense freedom to a corporatacratic police state.
    ~on America's current condition
  • The democracy of America has devolved to nothing more than a two-party dictatorship over the people ruled by a group of oligarchic, corporate elitists...when the government begins infringing on the people’s freedom, freedom is lost. Democracy is corrupted. And all that remains are its shattered remains, darkened by the shadows of tyrannical power. ~On the corruption of democracy.
  • California overthrew their Mexican rulers and then their revolution was turned against them by their own traitorous leaders, who submitted to the US imperialists. ~on the issue of California Independence.
  • We need guns for protection, not just for home defense, but from defense against those who wish to take our civil liberties away. Do we need to change how we look at guns? Sure. However, Do we need to outlaw guns? Hell. No. What we need is gun SAFETY, not gun control.
  • LGBT Rights are not just a civil and constitutional matter, they are a human rights matter. To deny LGBT their equality is to deny them their human rights. And that's not right!
  • Locking people up because they are an addict makes as much since as printing money to save a struggling economy. Its just going to exacerbate that situation. Portugal has decriminalized drugs and things have actually had a positive turn because they treat it as a public health concern, not a criminal matter. The opposite of what America does.
  • The US Government has for years been violating the very values of said Constitution by spying on US citizens through wiretaps, online monitoring, and mass surveillance, something eerily reminiscent of ’1984′.
  • [We], the People of the United States....that in order to form a more perfect Union, we are standing with PFC Bradley Manning and all other whistleblowers and request that they be pardoned from wrong-doing or that US government politicians and workers resign from their positions effective immediately.
  • I no longer call myself "pro-feminist" or "feminist". I don't like that term. Its a redundant label. I am a revolutionary socialist, a Marxist, a godless communist, a pinko; whatever it is you wish to call me. The whole point of Marxism is to attain equality of all walks of humanity, where race and gender, ethnicity and nationality, sexual orientation and religion do not matter. We all work together for a better way of life and to benefit ourselves, our society, instead of benefiting an exploitative person in a suit who's only means is profit. Women are our equal and as such are and will always be our equal. Their struggle must be the struggle of their male comrades. Without this comradery, revolution cannot be attained or achieved. We must stand together, united, and steadfast as equals against the bourgeoisie to tear it down and establish a new society from the ruins of the old. True feminism, rather the idea of gender equality, can only be achieved through the ending of the exploitation, the overthrow of the capitalist order, the statist system, the ruling class. Only then can equality be achieved. That is feminism, that is revolutionary. It is because of that why I consider myself revolutionary rather than feminist because gender equality is already ingrained within the revolutionary ideal.
  • In a choice between religious fundamentalists and anti-theists, the anti-theists seem to be the most arrogant and self-centered human beings I've come across. I probably despise them more than religious fundamentalism. They are the extremists of the non-religious and non-believers and the dangerous part is they are usually well educated and logical folks. However, as a person who does not believe in God, given the choice of defending a fundamentalist or an anti-theists, I'd probably defend the fundamentalist.
  • It is our job to be the bastions of freedom for those who may be to afraid to speak out...against any and all governments and organizations that continue to oppose progress and the rights of human beings. We encourage those to speak up for them, under penalty of law, arrest, or life, to defend human rights wherever we see fit and encourage others to come forward and be proud, be brave, and to throw off the age old chains of the oppressor. It is through mobilizing in unity and solidarity can we throw off the chains of reactionary fascism, fundamentalism, imperialism and the theocratic bourgeois that presses its hegemonic boot against the throats of our human beings. ~On LGBT Rights, freedom of speech, and religious freedom
  • A religious majority cannot continue to use its rule to oppress the minority rights of a community. The reactionary idea that Christianity deserves a pass and a free ride to discriminate against sexual and religious minorities, anywhere in the world, micronational or macronational, is a primitive concept and goes against the ideals of humanity or a progressive society. I prefer to go with progress. ~On the Christian "Religious Freedom Restoration" movement