Cali Bear

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The Glorious
Honored Comrade
People's Leader
Californicus Ursus Americanus Augustus Bear
Eternal Leader of Animalia

Cali Bear
Bear (right) with Blahaj Blahajson (left) and Wing Wa (middle) 2023
5th President of the Animalian Republic
In office
May 15, 2020 - May 15, 2023
Predecessor Cookie the Cat
Successor Wing Wa
Minister of Defense
Assumed office
May 15, 2020
Predecessor Himself (as Chairman of the National Defense Commission and Central Military Commission)
Chairman of the Animalian Communist Party
In office
May 15, 2020 - April 1, 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Wing Wa
Personal information
Born June 14
Sacramento, California, USA
Citizenship Animalian Republic, California, United States
Nationality Animalian, Californian
Ethnicity Stuffy
Political party Animalian Communist Party
Domestic partner Tater Puisín
Residence Animalia City
Alma mater University of Sonora (defunct)
Occupation Politician
Religion Atheist
Military service
Nickname(s) Bear, Cal, Bear Creature, Hairy Beary
Allegiance Animalian Democratic Republic
Service/branch Animalian People’s Army
Animalian Police Force
In service 2020-present
Commands Generalissimo (Army)
Captain (Police; retired)
Battles/wars Cascadian Civil War
Great Patriotic War
2nd Sonoran Civil War

Californicus Ursus Americanus Augustus Bear (known professionally as Cali Bear) is a micronationalist and politician who served as President of the Animalian Democratic Republic from May 15, 2020 to May 15, 2023. Before becoming an active politician and leader of the Animalian public, Bear served as Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Cascadian Republic and as the 4th Prime Minister of the Cascadian Democratic Republic. He served as the 3rd President of Cascadia from May 20-August 15, 2019 as well as Chairman of the Central Military Commission and President of the Council of State. He served two months as Chairman of the Cascadian Patriotic Worker's Party before being replaced by Buster McCovey. Bear began his career in Sonora in December 2017 and has continued to climb the ranks eventually becoming the right-hand man to Buster McCovey and Titania Smith before deposing Smith in the May 2019 Coup. He served one term as President before declining a reelection bid later that summer. In May 2023, pending his retirement from public office, Bear was honored with the ceremonial title of "Eternal Leader".

Bear is in a long term relationship with Tater Puisín, who served as Vice Chairman of the Animalian Socialist Party and as Vice President of the Animalian Republic. The two currently live in Animalia City.

Bear's hobbies include fishing and baseball. Bear holds the rank of Generalissimo in the Animalian People’s Army. He is also a retired Police officer with the official rank of Captain, though, he had held the rank of Chief of Police during his tenure as President of Animalia since. He has fought in several engagements including both Sonoran Civil Wars and the Cascadian War.


Honored and Respected Comrade and People’s Leader, Generalissimo Californicus Ursus Americanus Augustus Bear, Eternal Leader and Guide of the Animalian Democratic Republic, Order of Lenin (OL), Order of Marx (OMRX), Order of Mao (OMAO), Order of Ho Chi Minh (OHCM), Order of Victory (OV), Order of Military Merit (OMM), Order for Service to the Republic (OSR), Medal for Distinguished Military Service (DMS), Medal of Courage (MC), Medal of Honor (MH), Medal of Freedom (MF), Medal of Valor (MV), Order of Glory (OG), Order of the Bear (OB), Order of the Western Gate (OWG), Order of the Pacific (OP), Order of the Douglas Fir (ODF), Order of the Golden Poppy (OGP), Order of the Red Banner (ORB), Order of the Red Banner of Labour (ORB-L), Order of Order of Animalia (OA), Honored Military Leader (HML), Respected Military Leader (RML), Recipient of the Cascadian War Medal, Honored Comrade (HC), Respected Comrade (RC), Eternal Leader (EL), Honored Leader (HL), Respected Leader (RL), People’s Leader, Hero of Socialist Labour (HSL), and Hero of the Republic (HR)