Cookie the Cat

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Her Excellency
Cookie Puisín the Cat
President of the Republic of Cascadia
Cat in 2019
4th President of the Republic of Cascadia
Assumed office
August 15, 2019
Predecessor Cali Bear
Successor Incumbent
4th Vice President of the Republic of Cascadia
In office
May 20-August 15, 2019
Predecessor Buster McCovey
Successor Pusheen the Cat
4th President of the Animalian Republic
In office
May 15-17, 2019
Predecessor Pip the Cat
Successor Office Abolished (nation dissolved, May-Sep 2019)
TBA (as Chancellor, Sep 15, 2019)
Member of the Animalian National Council
In office
November 15, 2017-May 15, 2019
President of the National Union
Assumed office
June 30, 2019
Predecessor Twylie the Cat
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 2014 (age 6–7)
Oregon, USA Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of the United States.svg
Citizenship Cascadia, Animalia, Oregon, United States
Nationality Cascadian, Animalian, Californian
Ethnicity Stuffy, Feline, Irish
Political party National Union
Residence Pawtucket, Animalia, Cascadia
Occupation Politician
Religion Feline goddess monotheism
Military service
Allegiance  Cascadia
Service/branch Cascadian Army
Cascadian Police Force
In service 2019-present
Commands Commander-in-Chief

Cookie Puisín the Cat (known professionally as Cookie the Cat) is a micronationalist and politician currently serving as the 4th President of the Republic of Cascadia and as President of the National Union. She served as the 4th Vice President of the Republic from May 20-August 15, 2019 and as the 4th and last President of the Animalian Republic before its 4 month dissolution. Her election as Animalian President marked the end of a Socialist Party led monopoly dominated by the Pusheen family, a political family consisting of Pusheen, Stormy, and Pip the Cats. Before that, she served as Member of the Animalian National Council (now Animalian Senate) from November 15, 2017-May, 2019. She made several attempts for Sonoran and Animlian leadership before her successes in 2019. Before politics, she was a Feline nationalist and Stuffy militant in the fight for recognition of rights and citizenship. Her earlier career was tainted due to her beliefs that some considered to be "feline supremacist". Cookie admits her politics used to be considered conservative but have gradually become more moderate. She is a leading figure in universal rights and co-existence between Sentients, Animals, and Stuffies as well as an advocate for national unity and multi-partisanship. While she has not served in any military service since her militant days in the Kitty Army and United Stuffed Animal Resistance (USAR), Cookie is an advocate for veterans and for stronger national defense. She declined the honorary title of Generalissimo, typically bestowed on Presidents of Cascadia. Her reasoning is her intent to abolish it claiming it to be a "remnant of the past" as the post existed only during Cascadia's Socialist led era. She is a believer in "Feline goddess monotheism" and currently lives in Pawtucket, Animalia's capital. Her hobbies include fishing, video games, and sailing.