Buster McCovey

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Buster McCovey
1st Prime Minister of the Republic of Cascadia
In office
May 20-August 15, 2019
Predecessor Office established
Successor Tater the Cat
1st President of the Sonoran Confederation
In office
December 15, 2018 -March 15, 2019
Predecessor Titus Smith (as Premier)
Successor Titus Smith
Personal information
Born 1994 (age 29–30)
San Francisco, California
Political party Animalian Communist Party (since May 2021)
Residence Animalia City
Alma mater University of Shaoshan (defunct)
Occupation Activist, Politician, former baseball player
Religion Universalist

Buster McCovey is a former baseball player, micronationalist, politician, and Stuffy rights activist who formerly served as the 1st Prime Minister of the Republic of Cascadia. He previously served as Commissioner of the defunct Sonoran Baseball League. During his first 3 months of service to the SBL, he concurrently served as the 1st President of the Sonoran Confederation and as Chairman of the Socialist Party of Sonora, having previously served as Premier and once as President of the Republic of Sonora and the Worker's Party of Sonora (the SPS predecessor). He previously held the position of Premier of the former Democratic People's Republic, Chairman of the former Supreme People's Assembly and twice as President of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Sonora. McCovey also served as the Emperor of Sonora, as a Member of the People's Council of Shaoshan and briefly as Member of the Provisional People's Council of Sonora. Furthermore, his career also includes his service as Shaoshanian Chairman of the Truth and Dignity Commission and an unsuccessful run as President of Shaosham and as a Justice on the Shaoshanian Constitutional Court until his election as Emperor of Sonora.

McCovey served as part of the Cabinet in the Bear administration and as President of the Animalian Socialist Party Congress.

McCovey is a committed socialist,, having been radicalized under the several micronational projects and regimes of Titania Smith. His hobbies are baseball and fishing. McCovey maintains a long-time friendship with Cali Bear, whom also served during many of the Smith years. They are often seen as the Animalian successors of Smith's legacy.

Early Life, Education and Career

It is believed that McCovey began life as a young prodigy of Stuffy baseball when he was a child, growing up in a humble household in northern California. He later grew to be a athlete with a minor league baseball league where he would have gone professional. However, he suffered an ankle injury and was forced to forgo a promising career and in turn turned to politics. McCovey went back to school where he found himself in Shaoshan and enrolled in the University of Shaoshan where he achieved his Bachelor's in Political Science. After interning under the autocratic regime of the President of Shaoshan, Titania Smith, it is believed the two shared a bond for sports and politics, and soon became friends. It is suggested that McCovey may have been a confidant of Smith and a possible adviser though the latter is debated. Following the Stuffy Revolution of September 2016, McCovey ran unsuccessfully for the presidency, losing to Pusheen the Cat. However, the President appointed him Chairman of the Truth and Dignity Commission to which he would serve until the dissolution of the nation. He would also serve concurrently as an elected member of the People's Council and as a Justice of the Constitutional Court. When Shaoshan dissolved, and Sonora established, he continued to serve on the Council and as a Justice. He ran for Emperor of Sonora and after winning the first round elections, he was elected with 55% of the vote to become Emperor in January 2017. He was reelected with 65% of the vote in May 2017 before abdicating in July. Disillusioned with what the empire had become and radicalized by the socialist movement, McCovey joined the Theodorists (rebranded as the Worker's Party) in August 2017 and elected as the President of the Central Committee that same month. He was later elevated to the role of Premier of the Democratic People's Republic before Smith's government collapsed and autocratic rule began once again. McCovey reentered politics in January 2018, being granted the role of President of the Central Committee of the Popular Patriotic Front, which later became the second incarnation of the Worker's Party. On February 28, 2018, he once again returned as Premier of Sonora and was succeeded Titania Smith as President of Sonora and Chairman of the Party after Smith's regime broke down. After Sonora collapsed following economic turmoil and instability, Stuffistan was created. Originally to be a republic, monarchies factions opened dialogue for a substantial compromise that saw the developing state choose the path of a monarchy with Buster as it's King. After the fall of Stuffistan, McCovey returned to Sonoran politics rising in the political ranks of Titania Smith's party. From August–November 2018, he served as Vice Premier of the Sonoran Soviet Union and as General Secretary of the Communist Party. After Smith's removal, McCovey was elected Chairman and the party was renamed and distanced itself from its far-left politics. McCovey abolished the office of Premier and reverted the office to the role of President, acting until the December election.

Political positions

McCovey was considered a moderate for most of his early political career but prided himself as an independent. He was considered by some supporters to be the "Bernie Sanders of Stuffies", the "Sonoran Bernie Sanders" or the "People's Candidate" for his laid back, straight-to-the-punch approach to politics and his humble beginnings and persona. He believes in the idea that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and protections. He supports gun rights while also believing in certain regulations. He believes in equal pay and wealth redistribution.


Buster Augustus McCovey, Marshal of the Animalian People's Army, Lieutenant of the Animalian Police Force, Order of Victory (OVIC), Order of Military Merit (OMM), Order for Service to the Republic (OSR), Medal for Distinguished Military Service (DMS), Medal of Courage (MC), Medal of Honor (MH), Medal of Freedom (MF), Order of Valor (OV), Order of Glory (OG), Order of Dorada (OD), Great Californian Order (GCO), Order of the Bear (OB), Order of the Western Gate (OWG), Order of the Pacific (OP), Order of Douglas Fir (ODF), Order of the Golden Poppy (OGP), Order of Animalia (OC), Honored Military Leader (HML), Recipient of the Cascadian War Medal, and Hero of the Republic (HR)