Socialist Party of Sonora

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Socialist Party of Sonora
Partido Socialista de Sonora

ChairmanStormy the Cat
Vice ChairmanPip the Cat
General SecretaryTater the Cat
President of the Central CommitteePugsheen O'Malley
President of the Party CongressBuster McCovey
Slogan"Furthering the democratic socialist revolution"
FoundedJune 1, 2018 (as Sonoran Patriotic Union) (de facto)
HeadquartersClackamas, Cascadia
Membership  (2019)25
Ideology21st Century Socialism
Sonoran nationalism
Some Factions:
Democratic confederalism
National sovereignty
Popular sovereignty
Political positionLeft to Centre-left
National affiliationSonora
Official coloursRed
Confederation Congress
0 / 12

The Socialist Party of Sonora (Spanish Partido Socialista de Sonora) is a Sonoran socialist and Sonoran nationalist party in the Sonoran Confederation. It was founded originally as the Sonoran Patriotic Union where left wing supporters could voice opinions on how to govern the nation during its imperial state. It values democratic socialism and social democratic ideals. The party is headed by the Central Committee which carries out the day-to-day functions of the Party. It is headed by Buster McCovey after the party ousted Titus Smith in a motion of no confidence. The party abolished its Politburo in November 2018. In recent times, it has seen a major divide between party hardliners favoring more centralized power of the government and the Smithist faction favoring Democratic confederalism and national and popular sovereignty.

Current Central Committee Members

Stormy the Cat - Chairman
Pip the Cat - Vice Chairman (VC)
Tater the Cat - General Secretary (GenSec)
Pugsheen O'Malley - President of the Central Committee (PCC)
Buster McCovey - President of the Party Congress (PPC)
Amy Smith
Pusheen the Cat
Mark Olsen
Mary Graceson