Animalian Communist Party

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Animalian Communist Party
Vice Chairman
Wing Wa
Raine Puisín
General Secretary
Deputy Secretary
Blahaj Blahajson
Olaf Erik Gustafson
President of the PolitburoOlga Harvesten
President of the Central CommitteePip Puisín
President of the Party CongressPugsheen O'Malley
FoundedMay 15, 2020
HeadquartersAnimalia City
Youth wingCommunist Youth League
Children's wingYoung Pioneer League
Women's wingFemale Workers Union
Armed wingAnimalian People’s Army
Paramilitary wingPeople's Armed Police
Membership (2023)50
Cali Bear Thought
Revolutionary socialism
Animalian socialism
Green socialism
Market socialism
Political positionFar-left
National affiliationAnimalia
ColoursRed and Yellow
Slogan"Through socialism we maintain our liberation!"
Anthem"The Internationale"
Animalian National Council
5 / 5
Party flag

The Animalian Communist Party (abbreviated ACP), officially the Communist Party of Animalia (CPA) is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political party and the sole ruling party of the Animalian Democratic Republic. The party was led by Cali Bear from May 2020 until the election of his successor in April 2023, following his announcement of retirement. Wing Wa is the current Chairman.

Structure and Ideology

The Party maintains a form of democratic centralism, much as it did during the Smithist regime. It maintains a Central Committee and Politburo and routinely holds Party Congresses. The party also maintains its roots to Marxism-Leninism and a Animalian form of Smithism called "Bearism" or "Cali Bear Thought". Critics have often called the party and the Bear Administration a "cult of personality" and have equated it to the Stalinist Smith regime. The Party denies this and claims it has become a more democratic institution. It also maintains a uniformed idealism for environmental preservation through socialist practices.

The Party's main platform is Animalian socialism, a branch of Smithist Cascadian socialism, which highlights the importance of environmental protection, left-wing nationalism, and socialist theory, and an move towards Cali Bear Thought, which expands on Smithist thought while also shifting away from its more autocratic elements. The Party has shifted along the leftist spectrum in recent years but voted to adopt a more hardline approach under the new leadership of Wing Wa, a Maoist. The party still adheres to an anti-capitalist economic policy and more towards a market socialist, planned economy.