Cascadian Socialist Party

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Cascadian Socialist Party
Vice Chairman
Titania Smith
Amy Smith
General SecretaryCali Bear
President of the PolitburoMark Olsen
President of the Central CommitteeSteph Larson
President of the Party CongressJosh Graceson
FoundedOctober 2, 2019
HeadquartersClackamas, Cascadia
Membership (2019)25
IdeologyCascadian Socialism
Green politics
Cascadian nationalism
Market socialism
Economic socialism
Political positionLeft
ColoursGreen and Red
Slogan"A New Revolution Has Begun!"
10 / 16
National Assembly
2 / 4
People's Assembly
8 / 12

The Cascadian Socialist Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista de Cascadia, Irish:Páirtí Sóisialach Cascadia) or known simply as the Party is a socialist political party in the Cascadian Democratic Republic where it currently is the ruling Vanguard party. The party is also the leading organization of the National Unity Front which comprises the Cascadian Liberal Democratic Party and Cascadian National Party. Its goal is to build a strong "Cascadian people's democracy" through thr tenants of Cascadian socialism.


The Party initially came to power following the collapse of the Sonoran Confederation, the reorganization of the Sonoran Alliance post-nation-state, and the establishment of the fully independent Cascadian People's Republic. After Jim von Hindenburg and partner and Vice President Katherine von Hindenburg resigned, Titania Smith, constitutionally, as Chairman of the People's Assembly, assumed the Presidency. Within the coming days and backed by the former President and Vice President and the support of the government, Smith turned the nation into the Soviet Socialist Republic and formed the Patriotic Party, later claiming to be the legal successor of the Socialist Party of Sonora. Smith, backed by the Party and the now-People's Soviet, consolidated power in order to install a Smithist regime in Cascadia.

The regime collapsed as ongoing economic problems inherited from the Sonoran state continued to plague Cascadia. After only two weeks, the Smithist regime was overthrown in a coup led by Cali Bear, Buster McCovey (former Smith allies), and outgoing Animalian President Pip the Cat, who holds double citizenship in Cascadia and is a member of the Party. Animalia denies personal involvement in the coup. Bear was placed in charge and certain democratic reforms were instituted. The Party immediately banned Smithists and its ideology, forcing them into exile. This split is said to be the leading cause of the Cascadian Civil War. On June 14, the two parties agreed to reunite once again under the Patriotic Party banner, platform and leadership. Despite some factions still supporting more 21st Century socialist aspects, the party favored a learn towards Kurdish-libertarian socialism and communalism at the June 29th-30th (2nd) Party Congress. The Party also nominated Buster McCovey as its Presidential candidate with himself taking on the role of Party Chairman on July 15. Tater the Cat was elected as the new General Secretary to replace McCovey as parliamentary leader. Pip the Cat was elected to replace her as Vice Chairman. Stormy the Cat was elected to replace Pip as President of the Central Committee and Pugsheen O'Malley will replace Stormy as President of the Party Congress. O'Malley and Stormy left the party soon after to join the Liberal Democratic Party.

The Patriotic Party announced a recall of the 2nd Party Congress for a meeting on July 15 in which the Party Central Committee was abolished in favor of decentralized leadership. Pip the Cat took on the role of Vice Chairman while McCovey and Cat ascended to the roles of Chairman and General Secretary respectively. Titania Smith was elected President of the Party Congress. The party did not perform to its predicted might in the August 2019 elections gaining only 2 seats and did not make the runoff for President. Pip later briefly joined the Liberal Democrats himself before forming the Social Democrats while Cali Bear was appointed in his place. Following an attempt to topple the democratic institution and install a syncretic dictatorship, Titania Smith was arrested and was expelled from the party. His wife, Amy Smith, replaced him as President of the Party Congress. The Patriotic Workers and Social Democrats merged to form the current party on October 2, 2019, in order to form a bigger electoral bloc. The Party was sidelined again in January 2020 with the establishment of a non-partisan democracy under the Cookie administration but quickly returned with the election of Titania Smith as President of Cascadia. In March 2020, it was fully in control as the ruling organ of a single Party Socialist state.


The party is a mixture of various Socialist beliefs and is a mainstream left-wing populist organization forming its core philosophy of the Cascadian socialism. The ideology combines green, 21st Century, and Celtic socialism theories as well as Workerism and Jineology. The party upholds its values and glorification of worker rights, women's rights, and environmentalism. The party is economically socialist, believing in more market Socialist reforms. It also is committed to fighting fascism, imperialism, and racism against Cascadia or any other foreign power by another.