Cascadian Socialism

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Cascadian socialism is a left wing ideology, specific to the conditions of the Cascadian society. It was established in 2019 as a variant of democratic socialism and an advancement of revolutionary democracy. The practice is comprised of Five major tenants: Green Socialism, Socialism of the 21st Century, Celtic socialism, Workerism, and Feminism.

Green Socialism

The ideology combines environmental policy of the state, by which the people as a collective are responsible for the protection and maintaining of the environment, and the ideals of 21st Century socialism. This practice means a equally focused effort of maintaining not only the equality of rights of all people under the direction of a Worker's state but that said state shall also be collectively responsible for ecological rights as well.

21st Century Socialism

Its social core is based on 21st Century Socialist tenants of participatory and majority democracy believing that only through major "revolutionary reform" can one achieve a true People's democracy. Cascadian socialism is also rooted in a underlying sense of Patriotic devotion to the state and is considered to have elements of left-wing nationalism. The economic goal of Cascadian socialism is to attain self-reliance and ecological preservation of Cascadia by converting the economy from that of consumer trade economy to that of egalitarian and ecological and a need to build the infrastructure and culture of the nation.

Celtic Socialism

There is also a major cultural and spiritual aspect of the ideology which is based in the idea that Cascadians are the descendants of the Celtic peoples of England, Scotland and Ireland. In this regard "Celtic socialism" as described in the Socialist Party Constitution, states that "The Celtic people, much like any other oppressed masses share a deep seeded resentment towards the imperialist and to this day fight for the autonomy and independence of their homelands. By virtue, the Celtic people harbor probably one of the most ancient desires for revolution. The egalitarian and sense of equality shared amongst these cultures is endemic to socialism, especially now in the modern day."


The Party, as the socialist movement in Cascadia and its predecessors have always emphasized, personifies and glorifies the working class as heroes by as a collective cult of personality, rather than a particular individual themselves. The idea is that the working class is the most important component of any nation and, without them, no nation could exist and that they should be given the greatest respect.


While a core value of most Socialist movements is gender egalitarianism and equal opportunity for women, the social idealism of feminism is strongly emphasized throughout Cascadian politics and society. The most important idea is the Kursish ideal of Jineology, or women's science" and that a society is not truly free unless its women are truly free and that society's level of freedom is dependent on the freedom of women, regardless of race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.