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Republic of Cascadia
Flag of Cascadia
Coat of arms of Cascadia
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Cascadia, Cascadia" by Larry
Largest citySeattle
Official languagesCascadese
GovernmentConstitutional republic
EstablishmentBefore 2000
• Total
855,762 km2 (330,412 sq mi)
• (2011 est) census
Time zonePST

The Republic of Cascadia, short-form "Cascadia", is a satirical micronation located in the ecoregion of Cascadia. It was founded sometime before the year 2000, and has remained nominally active since.

Politics and government

Cascadia claims to be a constitutional republic; but no written constitution is known to exist. Freedom of speech and religion, and the right to a fair trial, are all guaranteed.

Foreign relations

It is unrecognized by any UN member, but it has no desire to be. The country has hostile relations with the US state of California, and considers the said state to be militarily occupying south Cascadia.


The Cascadian armed forces consist solely of the Sasquatch Militia.

Culture and media

Cascadia has a music scene, with the locally popular artist Larry having written and performed several songs, including Cascadia's national anthem.

Cascadians speak a special dialect of English known as "Cascadese".

They use Metric time.