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Republic of Stuffistan
Republica de Stuffistan (Español)

"Freedom, Unity, and universal Peace!"
"Hymn of the Stuffies"
Western United States
Capital cityStuffopolis
Largest cityCatramento
Official language(s)None, English(de facto)
DemonymStuffy, Stuffistani
GovernmentFederal Semi-presidential participatory Parliamentary democracy
- PresidentPusheen the Cat
- Prime MinisterCali Bear
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Number of seats - 7
- Last election - April 28 & May 9, 2018
EstablishedApril 10, 2018
DisestablishedJune 27, 2019
CurrencyState Credit
Time zoneStuffy Standard Time (UTC -8)
National dishPeanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
National drinkApple Juice
National animalBlack Bear
Patron saintSmokey the Bear
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and signatory of the Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression

Stuffistan, officially known as the Republic of Stuffistan (Spanish: Republica de Stuffistan), and informally the "RoS" was a micronation in northern California made up of stuffed toys and domesticated pets. It was born out of the collapse of the Republic of Sonora and close alliances of other autonomous stuffed nations surrounding it. The Republic began as a kingdom ruled in a unique, unorthodoxed fashion from other monarchies in which the monarch was more of a magistrate, constitutional advisor, and spiritual leader rather than a head of state. The country's executive is the President and the head of the government is the Prime Minister. The monarch was the federal ruler and magistrate over the three autonomous nations it controlled, however, each had their own system of government and legal code. Stuffistan's government was decentralized and federalized in which the autonomous nations that created it derived more power than the federal level and maintained a sense of sovereignty. However, most institutions of the state were nationalized. While individual nationalism was part of each autonomous nation, a common sense of Stuffy unity existed, allowing for open trade, peaceful cooperation and habitation, and strong sense of order. In May 2018, a month after its inception, a civil war engulfed the nation for 4 days between Republican and Monarchists. The Republicans, a left-wing group supported by the administration, won the war but political differences and instability continued. In June 2018, the government and economy collapsed. Its capital, which was the capital of the state of Stufflandia, declared independence and transferred administrative power over to the Grand Empire of Sonora. This effectively killed the Republic with the faltering Olaf People's Republic dissolving and the Feline Republic declaring unilateral independence and returning to its original, sovereign and independent state of affairs.