People's Republic of Tabastan

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People's Cowist Republic of Tabastan
Народная кавказская республика Табастан

Tabastan Flag.gifTabastanian seal.png

Ол өзінің қанатымен ұшып келеді
National Anthem of the People's Cowist Republic of Tabastan
My Tabastania

Map of Tabastanian Counties with built up areas.png
Built up areas in black, counties outlined.
Capital cityTualatin City
Largest cityTualatin City
Official language(s)English, Tabastanian, Spanish
Official religion(s)Cowisim
Short nameTabastan, Tabastania
GovernmentConstitutional Socialist Republic
- Eternal PresidentJoshua Arnoldy
- Prime MinisterRyan Ehrhart
- GeneralissimoBen Unis
LegislaturePeople's Congress
Area claimed3 mi²
Population3,092 (as of May 2018 census)
Time zone(UTC+04:00)
National animalTabastanian Barrel Cactus

The People's Republic Of Tabastan is a nation surrounded by the US state of Oregon. Tabastan's main territory is just south of Portland. Tabastan's population is concentrated mostly on the Tabastanian Plateau, where density is the highest, and also in the Byrom Desert, in the city of Byrom.

Tabastan's government is very simple, with the People's Congress forming the main legislative body of the country. Within the People's Congress are the Council of Ministers and the Politburo. The Council of Ministers is composed of representatives from each county, and the politburo is composed of 5 elected members who govern state issues and create laws. Tabastanian Counties are grouped into three Provinces, and each province has a provincial government which has semi-sovereign authority over its territory, including the power to pass laws and impose provincial taxes, as well as to regulate county affairs.

Tabastan was liberated from US rule on March 24, During the Great Mason Wars. The country was founded as a refuge for Cowists around the world, and its official state religion is Cowisim.

Today, the nation is engaged in many large projects, including constructing a international heliport, and continuing the construction and upkeep of the Tabastanian National Highway Network. It was originally in a large amount of debt, but than the People's Congress authorized the creation of a new currency, the Kowe, which pulled the nation up out of poverty and created much industry.


Tabastan originates from both the Persian and Tabastanian languages. The first syllable, Taba, is derived from the Tabastanian word for "Table", named after the many mesas and plateaus located on the Tabastanian Plateau. "Stan" is comes from the Persian word "land of". So the name, translated to English, means Land of tables.


In 2015, the concept of a Cowist nation was first conceived by the founding Fathers, Joshua Arnoldy and Ryan Ehrhart.

A time of relative peace came about. On January 20, 2017, the country was thrown into war, as an evil aggressor named Mason infiltrated the government, and attempted to take over. There was a long war that lasted until May 11, when the People's Liberation Army finally removed mason from the country. The constitution was signed the next day, and the People's Republic Of Tabastan was born. The People's Congress and the National Assembly were formed, and Joshua Arnoldy became Eternal President with Ryan Earhart as Prime Minister. Many government organisations were formed, and Tabastan finally became stable.

Common Propaganda Poster.

At the end of May, a Meerkat was discovered in a park near Tabastan, and was taken into the Nation's care. The Meerkat was named Adolf Larry, and became a national icon of Tabastan, along with the Great Porcupine. The Porcupine was an animal that was stuck at the top of the former Degeneratis Fence since Febuary, and had weathered through windstorms and heavy snows.

The nation plunged into debt as the new Tualatin City International Heliport was constructed. In September, the People's Congress declared the debt crisis a National Emergency, and all kinds of ideas were put forward to end the depression.

Tabastan organised a space launch site in the remote Byrom Desert within the Byrom National Security Site, named Area 22 in government documents. The Tabastanian National Space Agency (TNSA) is now testing new rockets in top secret.

Government and politics

The Tabastanian Politburo votes on most proposed bills. The Politburo is comprised of the five highest ranking members of the national government. The Eternal President and Prime Minister are elected by the people of Tabastan in free and democratic elections. Elections are held on the first days of each new year that the Congress is in session. The last election was held on January 5, and the overwhelming majority of the vote went to the Worker's liberation front party, which gained 98% of the national vote, assuring that Joshua Arnoldy and Ryan Earhart stayed in power. Also, some positions in government are elected, such as minister of the treasury and secretary of state.

Along with the Politburo, The Council of Ministers is the other major legislative body. The Council is comprised of representatives from each County. Each county has a number of representatives determined by the county's population. The representatives are elected by the voters of each county.

On the Regional Level, the 16 Counties are grouped into three Provinces, which each have a elected governor. Each County has a chairman, and each city has a municipal government, with Tualatin and Byrom cities having a City Council.

Law and order

The Tabastanian Judicial system is based on Cowist theocratic law. All Counties have a County Court, located in their capitol city. If a County Court decides that a crime is worthy of the National Supreme Court, than it is brought to there. Each Province has a Provencal Supreme Court, where higher crimes committed within the province are prosecuted. The National Supreme court prosecutes any crime committed within a National Park or other government owned area, as well as crimes referred to the court by citizens/ counties/ provinces.

Each city has a police force, and smaller towns have a limited police force as well, Provencal police are responsible for unincorporated areas.

Foreign relations

Tabastan currently has no relations with any other Micronation, but it recognizes any legitimate looking ones. The People's Republic also recognizes the Republic Of Kosavo and Palestine, as well as Catalonia. Tabastan also supports California's efforts to break off from the US, and classifies Saudi Arabia as a terrorist organisation. Tabastan does not recognize the United States of America as a legitimate country because the United States does not recognize Tabastan.


The advanced weaponry of the Tabastanian People's Army

The Tabastanian People's Army is a highly trained force of 1,043 elite members. Every Tabastanian citizen is required to join the People's Army when they are six years old, and they are permitted to leave once they are 18. The TPA is based at 143 Progress Avenue, in Eastern Tualatin City, within Joint Base Reynolds-Ankara.

The People's Army has multiple bases for warfare training and weapons testing. The Tabastanian People's Army has lots of state of the art weapons, including model rockets, large amounts of leaves, tree branches, and umbrellas. The People's Army is not only a warfaring group, elite members of the People's Army also guard border crossings, and help with policing in more remote areas.

Geography and climate

Main Articles: Geography of Tabastan, Climate of Tabastan

The People's Republic Of Tabastan has a diverse geography and climate. Tualatin City has a highland climate, with cold temperatures year round. The city of Byrom and the Byrom desert is located within a rain shadow and has a hot desert climate. The lowland panhandle region has a borderline tropical rain forest climate, with heavy rainfall year round. Some fake news Tabastanian scientists dispute these obvious facts, and say that the climate is actually cool and rainy throughout the country, even though Tabastan makes the most accurate weather measuring systems that exist. The highest point in the entire country is 12,422 fet on the summit of Mount Joshua, and the lowest point is 0 feet at the bottom of the Hand Canyon near Tualastan City.

Tabastanian Climates

Note: Counties in the Byrom Province follow the Imperial System, whereas the rest of Tabastan follows the Metric and Tabastanian systems of measurement.

Note: Some idiots would like to say that our weather equipment is nonfunctional and records incorrect information, but that is obviously not the case and the hottest temperature on earth was obviously recorded in Tabastan


The Tabastanian Economy is recovering well after the great debt crisis of September 2017. The official currency of the People's Republic of Tabastan is the Kowe, which is tied to the stock price of Gibbon apes. Tabastan's main source of revenue is tourism, which has been boosted by the economic reforms since the great debt crisis. Tabastan's main exports are logs and other tree materials, Technology, Bonsai Plants, and Ceramic Pots. The people's republic imports most of the goods used from Canada and the US. The current national GDP is about 998,544 USD. Tabastan has many state owned companies, you can find a list '''Here'''.

A 100 Kowe Bill


Media in Tabastan is completely state-owned and regulated. The main television broadcaster is TCTV, Tabastanian Central Television. TCTV is completely based online, with a YouTube channel that broadcasts Tabastanian news around the world. There is also a National radio broadcaster, Tabastanian Public Radio, or TPR. TPR has three distributor stations, Capitol Public Radio, which broadcasts to the Tabastanian Plateau and Tualatin City, Desert Public Radio, Which broadcasts to Byrom City, and Panhandle Public Radio, which broadcasts to the Tabastanian Panhandle. Also, there are multiple newspapers in the nation. The Tabastanian Wolf is the main national newspaper and is also the city newspaper of Tualatin City. The Desert Sun is the official newspaper of Byrom, and the twin cities of Lumberton-Tualastan produce the Lumberton Times.

List of Counties

Map of Tabastanian Counties

Counties of Tabastan[1]
Flag County Capital HASC subdivision code Population
TabastaniaCapitalFlag.png Capital East Tualatin City CA 98
UniversityFlag.gif University City of Commerce UN 125
NewarkFlag.png Newark Midtown Tualatin NE 392
TualatinFlag.png Tualatin Tualatin City TU 725
Stadiumflag.png Stadium Ankara City AN 233
TualatinFlag.png Northport Technology District NP 177
TualatinFlag.png Southport Swimming Complex SP 11
TualatinFlag.png Grand Transit City GR 22
TualatinFlag.png Llano Llano Estacado LL 57
TualatinFlag.png Coquihue Coquihue National Park Visitor's Center CQ 3
TualatinFlag.png Byrom Byrom City BY 367
TualatinFlag.png Agua Caliente East Byrom AG 129
TualatinFlag.png South Byrom Byrom Strip SB 31
TualatinFlag.png Lumberton Lumberton LU 47
TualatinFlag.png Northern Lumberton North Lumberton NL 11
TualatinFlag.png Tualastan Tualastan City TA 21


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