Tabastanian National Parks Service

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Shield of the TNPS

The Tabastanian National Parks Service is responsible for the protection and administration of all 8 Tabastanian National Parks. The National Parks cover many different types of climate and terrain, and protect many beautiful and unique areas in the PCRT. The National Parks Service is the agency that preserves and manages these national parks along with National monuments and National Preserves within the country.

The headquarters of the National Parks Service is located on 222 Resource Boulevard in the capitol, Tualatin City. A information centre is open to the public. The administration also covers the national monuments, such as the McKellinger Canyon National Monument, and natural and educational reserves.

Map of National Parks

National Parks

  •   ‡ Tabastanian National Heritage

Please note, National park shields are exaggerated slightly

Name Image County
Creation Area Visitors (2018)
Baritú Forest TNPSBARITU.png Tualastan 24 April 2016 191,000 sq feet 2,722
Coquihue Volcano TNPSCOQUIHUE.png Coquihue 27 December 2017 190,700 sq ft 644
Byrom Desert TNPSDESERT.png South Byrom 25 July 2017 67,000 sq ft 1,227
Byrom Oasis TNPSOASIS.png Agua Caliente 6 September 2018 42,000 sq ft 2,324
Highland Forest TNPSHIGHLAND.png South Byrom 4 June 2017 65,000 sq ft 977
Hand Canyon South TNPSHCSOUTH.png Lumberton 22 October 2008 98,088 sq ft 4,913
Hand Canyon North TNPSHCNORTH.png Tualastan 26 October 2008 100,098 sq ft 4,332
Mount Joshua TNPSJOSHUA.png Llano 30 October 2016 205,772 sq ft 3,748