List of CMs elected in the May 2020 Cubian general election

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The Second Cube Council (CII as abbreviation) is the legislature following the May 2020 Cubian general election of Council Members to the Cube Council. The new Council first met on 5 May 2020 to pass the Culture Act 2020.


Region Previous party Member Elected party Leaving party
Cubia Gardens AAP Great Leader Llanfairpwllgwyngyll AAP AAP
Cubia Gardens AAP New Invention AAP AAP
Cubia Gardens New seat Alal CURRY CURRY
Cubia City AAP Ae AAP AAP
Cubia City AEP Chef Excellence AEP AEP
Cubia City New seat Curri Mann CURRY CURRY
Cubia Central AAP Giggleswick AAP AAP
Cubia Central CURRY Curri Girl CURRY CURRY
Cubia Central New seat COVID-19 Pandemic Independent
Cubia Northwest New seat Wetwang AAP AAP
Cubia Northwest New seat Nibley AAP AAP
Cubia Golfe New seat Skiddey AAP AAP
Cubia Golfe New seat Spuds AAP AAP
Cubia Peace New seat Kiester AAP AAP
Cubia Peace New seat Cooter AAP AAP
Cubia North AAP Brokenwind AAP AAP
Cubia North AfC Curri Person CURRY CURRY
Tesco New seat Clock Face AAP AAP

Cube Council composition

The Anti-Anime Party gained a majority of seats in the election and the Curry and Excellent parties gained one seat each. The speaker does not take a regional seat.

Affiliation Members
Elected Current
Anti-Anime 12 12
Excellent 1 1
Pandemic 1 0
Independent 0 1
Total 18
Voting total 18
Government majority 6


Role Minister Term
Cube Controller Ae CI-CII
Chancellor of the Exchequer Giggleswick CI-CII
Ambassador to the UK New Invention CI-CII
Minister of Domestic Affairs Wetwang CI-CII
Minister of Culture Brokenwind CI-CII
1st Cube Council Cube Council
3 May – 9 August 2020 (2020-05-03 – 2020-08-09)
3rd Cube Council