Cubian Classification System

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Cubian Classification System
Cubian government company
Founded31 March 2020; 2 years ago (2020-03-31)
Key people
Curri Mann (Minister of Domestic Affairs and Culture)
ProductsMedia classification
OwnerGovernment of Cubia
Number of employees
ParentMinistry of Domestic Affairs and Culture

The Cubian Classification System is the main government organisation for classifying motion pictures and video games in Cubia. Items ranked may fall into the following 9 categories:

Symbol Rating Notes BBFC equivalent PEGI equivalent
Cubia5-.png 5-
Targeted at Children
Targeted at children 5 years or younger. U 3
CubiaU.png U
Universal Audience
Suitable for any audience. No mature content. U 3
CubiaPC.png PC
Parental Consent
Recommended for those between 7 and 12 with consent from their parents. Less mature content. PG 7
CubiaYT.png YT
Younger Teens
Recommended for those between 12 and 15. Moderately mature content. 12, 12A, PG12 12
CubiaOT.png OT
Older Teens
Recomended for those between 15 and 18. More mature content. 15 16
CubiaA.png A
Suitable only for those above the age of 18. Extremely mature content. 18 18
Cubia3X.png 3X
Extremely Explicit
Suitable ONLY for those above the age of 18. Explicit content. Must not be sold in same room as other rated content. R18 N/A
CubiaE.png N/A
Has not been rated yet. Seal is manually written on in space provided. Must not be advertised or displayed on conventional shelves. E N/A
CubiaM.png M
Middle Finger(Banned)
Must not be sold in Cubia at all. Content usually is too shocking for 3X or anime. N/A N/A