2021 Cubian political crisis

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2021 Cubian political crisis
Date28 March 2021 -
Duration3 years, 16 days
  • March 2021 elections annulled
  • First April 2021 elections annulled

The 2021 Cubian political crisis is an ongoing political crisis ongoing since the March 2021 elections were annulled.


The annulled elections were the primary cause of the conflict.

March 2021

The March 2021 elections were scheduled to occur from the normal period of 19–21 March. However, they were annulled due to low turnout.[1]

April 2021(1st)

New snap elections were called for 2–4 April, the first in the country's history. But those too were annulled due to low turnout.

April 2021(2nd)

New snap elections were called for 9–11 April. Should these elections be annulled, the current caretaker government threatened to collapse.[2] When they were annulled, New Invention resigned, and the DLP & PCPC resigned from the coalition.[3]