Cubian National Bank

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Cubian National Bank
Logo of the CNB
Organisation overview
Formed25 March 2020; 9 months ago (2020-03-25)
JurisdictionNational Union of Cubia
HeadquartersCubia Gardens
Minister responsible
Child Organisation

The Cubian National Bank, abbreviated to CNB, is the main organisation concerning handling of money in Cubia.


The CNB operates in the red area.

The CNB has 51 jurisdictions(roughly 1% of territory) where it does not operate due to businesses that do not recognise Cubia. These jurisdictions include the Tesco region. They are most common in Cubia City and Gardens.


Mint Date Cubecoin notes Cubecoin coins O'Nella Rubles
I 29 April 2020 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 50CC, 100CC, 200CC N/A N/A