June 2020 Cubian local elections

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June 2020 Cubian local elections
Unknown: CubiaFlag.png
← May 2020 5–7 June 2020 Aug 2020 →
Party Leader % Seats ±
Anti-Anime Party Ae 66.7 53 +9
Nebula Party Neb 33.3 26 +4
CPR Collective leadership 0 9 -9
Pandemic Party COVID-19 0 4 0
Alternative for Cubia Karlie Chirk & Adam Hilt
0 1 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Contested seats in the election are highlighted in blue.

The June 2020 Cubian local elections were held from Friday 5 - Sunday 7 June 2020. They were held in 3 regions. They were the last of their type held in Cubia.

Voting system

The election used the Sainte-Laguë method (which slightly favours small parties) of proportional representation, as there is 5 times the local seats for a region than there is Cube Council seats.


Regions up for election:

Region Status Seats
Cubia Gardens AAP 15
Cubia City AAP 15
Cubia Peace AAP 10


Due to the low turnout, only the AAP and Nebula parties had ballots cast.