Politics of Cubia

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Politics of Cubia

Politique de Cubia
Polity typeUnitary semi-presidential republic
Legislative branch
NameCube Council
Presiding officerFingringhoe, Speaker of the Cube Council
Executive branch
Head of State
CurrentlyGreat Leader Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
AppointerDirect popular vote(two rounds if necessary)
Head of Government
TitleCube Controller
CurrentlyNew Invention
AppointerCubelord(on advice of the Cube Council)
NameCabinet of Cubia
Current cabinetNew Invention ministry
LeaderCube Controller

Cubia is a unitary state that is governed within the framework of a semi-presidential system in a republic, in which the head of state as Cubelord is Great Leader Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, while the Cube Controller, Alexa, is a head of government.


Executive power in Cubia is excercised by the Cubelordand the Government.

Cubian Government

The Cubelord appoints a Cube Controller as the head of the government, guided by the convention that the Cube Controller should be the member of the Cube Council who is most likely to form a government with support of the Council. It is usually the leader of the political party or coalition with a majority of seats in the Cube Council.

As in some other parliamentary systems(especially those based upon a w:Westminster system, the executive is drawn form and is answerable to the Council - a successful vote of no confidence will force the government to resign or to seek to dissolve the Cube Council and call a general election.


The Cube Council is the supreme legislative body in Cubia(i.e., there is parliamentary sovereignty), and Government is drawn from and answerable to it. The Cube Council is unicameral, meaning there is a single house.

Electoral systems

Mixed-member proportional representation is used in most elections to the Cube Council and local government. For gubernatorial elections, first-past-the-post is used. For Presidential elections, the two-round system is used.

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