Ikonian Ambassador to Canada

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Ambassador of the Kingdom of Ikonia to the Commonwealth of Canada
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Coat of arms of the Kingdom
Liam Alexander

since 29 January 2021
StyleTheir Exellency
ResidenceIkonian Embassy to the Commonwealth of Canada
AppointerThe Monarch
Formation14 December 2018
The Canadian flag.

The Ikonian ambassador to the Commonwealth of Canada is the official diplomatic representative of the government of the Kingdom of Ikonia to that of the Commonwealth of Canada, It is represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

As Ikonian recognition of the Canada is not currently reciprocated, the position is - at present - unaccredited, and serves a primarily ceremonial role.

The Kingdom of Ikonia first officially recognised the Commonwealth of Canada as a sovereign state on 14 December 2018 with the foundation of the micronation. On 14 December 2018, Aidan McGrath was appointed the Kingdom's first Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Canada.[1] Abrams I decided to appoint the city council of Uvenia as the ambassador due to the 2019 Quebecois coup d'état attempt, although through law, the city council has not been formed yet.[2]

List of Ambassadors

Number Name Portrait Resident of In office Appointed by Notes
1 Aidan McGrath ROQAidanM2.png Flag of the Republic of Quebec.svg Île à Dumais 14 December 2018
-6 April 2019
HM Abrams I
Appointed Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Canada by the King, But is also a council to Michigan.
2 City Council of Uvenia Assemblée nationale.jpg  Uvenia 6 April 2019
-29 January 2021
HM Abrams I
Appointment after complication with McGrath
3 Liam Alexander MunroePortrait2021.jpg  Atiera 29 January 2021
HM Abrams I