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Highlandian Shield
ISO 4217
PluralHighlandian Shields
NicknameThe Shield
Banknotes1 HS, 2 HS, 10 HS, 20 HS
Official user(s) Free Empire of Highland
Unofficial user(s)w:United Kingdom Areas owned by the Free Empire of Highland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island
Central bankNone (value pegged)
Printer Federal Consul of the Free Empire of Highland
Pegged withUnited States Dollar

The Highlandian Shield is the official currency of the Free Empire of Highland. The first note was printed by the Federal Consul Mr H Whittingham on the 1st January 2017. In 2020 the Federal Consul issued an act of law acknowledging the state's development and announced a further planned increase in the number of Highlandian Shields in circulation. [1]

The currency is backed by reserves of salt, pepper and soap held by the Federal Consul to ensure it maintains its value. It is pegged to the United States Dollar to facilitate an easy exchange rate. Consequently, there is no central bank necessary to manipulate its Value.

Currently, there are no registered banks in the Free Empire of Highland however many citizens keep their currency in safety deposit boxes which are ubiquitous throughout the country. The currency is used internationally too within areas owned by citizens of the Free Empire of Highland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island.

The Federal Consul is the exclusive printer of the currency. Though he or she must be authorised to print by the National Convention of Citizens. It is forbidden for currency to be printed if there are not enough reserves to ensure its value (fiat money).

The currency has no coins, only notes printed in 1,2,10 and 20 Sheilds.

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