Dale presidential election, October 2011

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Ocober 2011 Dale Presidential Elections
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Woking Ind. Party
CON James Hunt
Dale Republic

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The Ocober 2011 Dale Presidential Elections were the first elections of their type in the Dale Republic and marked the end of the Dale Transitional Council as the leading government of the Dale Republic. The Elections were between the Woking Independence Party and the Conservative party. The Elections were to find the first President of the Dale Republic in the nation's own political system.

The Parties

Woking Independence Party

Founded by the former king of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire as the United Dale Party which was a nationalist party, however the party quickly developed into the Woking Independence Party as his ambitions of a Woking Independence Movement grew, interesting him to create a nationalist party for this movement ambition.

The Woking Independence Party is a powerful party in the Dale Coalition Goverment even before it's founding the United Dale Party shared this level of power over it's rival party, the Conservative Party.

Conservative Party

Founded by James Hunt who is seen as more of a cultural and sporty person considering him being head of Culture, manager or the Dale National Football Team and head of the Dale Football Association rather than a polition making him a lesser competitor to the Woking Independence Party.

Dale Republic's government style

The Dale Republic uses its own form of government which is a mixture of one party system, coalition and democracy, the name given to this system is daleism being named after the Dale Republic from where it was founded. The system works as a separate single party system for each administrative division, this single party system per district is involved in a national coalition made up of the multiple single party systems and finally democracy is used to decide which party becomes president or prime minister, with all other offices decided by the national assembly, congress, parliament or council.


Because all votes were made by those of the MicroWiki community the actual turn out was unpredicatable and the preference of party was also the same. However preference of a nationalist lead government became apparent quickly when the first results came in. The unanimous winner of the elections was the nationalist Woking Independence Party by 14 out of 14 votes. This overwelming victory interested the Woking Independence Party in dicussing with the Dale Assembly to give the Woking Independence Party overall control over the Horsell district which was under coalition control, and give control over to the Woking Independence Party until a separate party can be made for the district. This however was abandond as it went against daleism.

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