Crowned Republic of South Formosa

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The Crowned Republic of South Formosa, or República Coroada de Formosa do Sul is a micronation created by the leader of Tinakula of the 21st of February 2021 during the Second Tinakulan Mess. The nation was created as the leader thought it was an interesting idea, and he also wanted to create a nation which had no conflicts nor crises.

South Formosa is a constitutional monarchy made to mainly create as well as reserve the historical Portuguese history of Taiwan. The nation is based in Southern Taiwan, and Southern Taiwan was discovered by the Portuguese.

Crowned Republic of South Formosa | República Coroada de Formosa do Sul
Formosa Flag .png

"Olhamos para o futuro, partimos do passado"
Capital cityCosta Rochosa
Official language(s)English, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese
Recognised languagesInternational Pacifican, Transational Pacifican, New Pacifican, Old Pacifican, Cryllic Pacifican, Taiwanese Hokkien, Dutch
Official religion(s)Secular State
DemonymSouth Formosan (Formosan do Sul )
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy, Socialist Democracy
- O ReiLusitano
- Prime ExecutiveAfrasiyab Jamshaid & Alex Villar
- Vice ExecutiveJayden Riley V. Dagsa
CurrencyTerrariumCoin (locally known as South Formosan Escudo)
National dishTaiwanese Pastel de nata


South Formosa was created during the Second Tinakulan Mess, and plans to preserve as well as create the Portuguese history of Taiwan.


South Formosa is made up into several states. The nation was founded with three states, and they are Costa Rochosa and Norte Verde which both border mainland Taiwan, and an overseas territory called Ilha Manuk.

On the 22nd February, a field in the outskirts of Ponte de Sor, Portugal was claimed, it became the smallest and most desolate state of the nation.


States of the Crowned Republic of South Formosa
State Mayor Political Party Opposition Political Party
Costa Rochosa
Norte Verde
Ilha Manuk
Ponte Leste de Sor