Commonwealth of South Formosa

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Commonwealth of South Formosa
Comunidade do Sul Formosa
Flag of South Formosa
CapitalCosta Rochosa
Official languagesEnglish, Portuguese
Demonym(s)South Formosan (Formosan do Sul)
Luke of Wellmoore (Acting)
None Elected
LegislatureBicameral Parliament
Executive Council of Tinakula
State Council of South Formosa
• Established
21st of February 2021
• Annexed by the Republic of Tinakula
30th of December 2021
• 2021 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Commonwealth of South Formosa, or Comunidade do Sul Formosa is a micronation created by the leader of Tinakula of 21 February 2021 during the Second Tinakulan Mess. The nation was created as the leader thought it was an interesting idea, and he also wanted to create a nation which had no conflicts nor crises.

South Formosa was made to mainly create as well as reserve the historical Portuguese history of Taiwan. The nation is based in Southern Taiwan, and Southern Taiwan was discovered by the Portuguese.

Currently the nation is a Dependency of the Tinakulan Government in the Republic of Tinakula.


The original name of the nation was The Crowned Republic of South Formosa as well as the modern name the Commonwealth of South Formosa reflect the nation's political state. The former being when the nation was a crowned republic, the latter being to reflect how the nation was annexed and is under Tinakulan rule.



South Formosa was created during the Second Tinakulan Mess, and plans to preserve as well as create the Portuguese history of Taiwan.

Monarchy Era (22 February 2021 - 30 December 2021)

The Crowned Republic was established on 22 February 2021, during the Second Tinakulan Mess, to preserve Portuguese history in Taiwan. The nation was governed by a Monarch, a Prime Executive and a Vice Executive.

Annexation (30th of December 2021)

After discussions the Executive Council of Tinakula agreed that the Republic of Tinakula would annex the nation due to the nation becoming inactive and slightly defunct. It was then agreed that Luke of Wellmoore, the first Vice Executive of Tinakula (after the Foundation of the Republic of Tinakula) would become the Acting Governor-General of South Formosa in addition to his role in Tinakula.


South Formosa is made up into several states. The nation was founded with three states, and they are Costa Rochosa and Norte Verde which both border mainland Taiwan, and an overseas territory called Ilha Manuk.

On 22 February, a field in the outskirts of Ponte de Sor, Portugal was claimed, it became the smallest and most desolate state of the nation.


States of the Commonwealth of South Formosa
State Governor Political Party Opposition Political Party
Costa Rochosa
Norte Verde
Ilha Manuk
Ponte Leste de Sor

Governance & Politics

Tinakulan Government

As Tinakula annexed the Crowned Republic on 30 December 2021 the Executive Council of Tinakula has been the Upper House of the Government of the nation and the State Council of South Formosa being the Lower House. The Executive Council of Tinakula appoint the Governor-General of South Formosa after an election.

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