Republic of Tinakula

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The Republic of Tinakula (sometimes noted as the New Republic of Tinakula or the Tinakulan Republic) is the nation succeeding the Tinakula International Zone, founded on the 18th of October 2021 by Aānaāk Desslok, the Prime Executive, and Luke of Wellmoore, the Vice Executive. The political system has since changed since the Republic was esbalished to the founders are now President and Co-President of Tinakula.

Republic of Tinakula
República de Tinakula
Coat of Arms
and Largest City
Chivido Tinakulá
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesSpanish
GovernmentUnitary Federal Co-Presidential Directionist Republic
Luke of Wellmoore (Acting)
Luke of Wellmoore
None Appointed
LegislatureBicameral Parliament
Executive Council of Tinakula
State Council of Tinakula
• Republic Foundation
18th of October 2021
• Co-Presidency Established
13th of February 2022
• 2021 estimate
CurrencyTerrariumCoin (Unofficial)
Time zoneGMT +11
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft


Tinakula International Zone (30th of September 2020 - 18th of October 2021)

The Republic of Tinakula was originally founded as the Tinakula International Zone by Afrasiyab Jamshaid and ran until the 18th of October 2021, when Afrasiyab left the Micronational Community.

Tinakula Revamp Project (18th of October 2021 - 13th of February 2022)

On the 18th of October 2021 Aānaāk Desslok and Luke of Wellmoore decided to pick up the ashes of the international zone and revamp the nation. During this time the nation was re-founded as a Presidential Republic later becoming Co-Presidential starting the Reform Period.

Reform Period (13th of February 2022 - Present)

In this period the Co-Presidency is established and the Government start writing the Constitution and regaining activity.


The claims of Tinakula have changed very much over time, mainly grown, but it has always kept it's claim of Tinakula, Nord Island and up until the near end, Emananus Island and Vuaqava.

The Republic claims Tinakula Island, Nord Island, Mborokua and Makalom.

Government & Politics

The Government of Tinakula is lead by the Prime Executive and Vice Executive of Tinakula.

Tinakulan Government Branches

  • Lower House: State Council of Tinakula - The branch all elected Members of Parliament report to, including Cabinet Ministers and the National Executives.
  • Upper House: Executive Council of Tinakula - The branch the National Executives (President and Co-President) report to and may make executive national decisions from.
  • Cabinet of Tinakula - The branch all Cabinet Ministers report to, as well as the Presidents.
  • Archipelago Assembly - The branch island leaders report to.

Cabinet Ministries of Tinakula


Religion & Ethnicity

Religion in Tinakula Ethnicity in Tinakula

From the most recent report from the original Socialist States of Tinakula, the Republic has a diverse set of citizens.

National Languages

The national languages of Tinakula are English and Spanish.

Foreign Relations

Below is a list of all nations Tinakula is allied with, organisations Tinakula is a member of or that has been annexed by Tinakula and is now a Government Dependency.



Government Dependencies


The Republic is defended by the Defence Force of Tinakula, the nation's military, and the Tinakulan Police Force. Both are currently in development but once ready citizens of Tinakula may join either organisations.

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