2010 Senyan Independence Referendum

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The 2010 Senyan Independence Referendum was a referendum held on the 1 December 2010 between 16:40 and 18:40 to see if Senya would become part of Rukora or remain as an independent state and instead create new diplomatic relations with Rukora.

How it occured

It happened when President Barnaby Hands saw on his user talk page a letter from the Rukorans asking if his micronation (and others, including CR Dallingrad, People's Republic of Pambia & Garagstan) would like to merge with Rukora, and offer positions in it's government to President's of the other states. Barnaby posted on his WordPress site that Senya were to hold a referendum on the matter.

Pre-Referendum Relations

Senya and Rukora had only came into contact before on sporting issues. Four Days before the Referendum, Rukora had even stated that they wanted to co-host the 2012 British Isles Cup with Senya, which Senya promptly accepted.

Referendum Results

For means For merger & Against means Against merger.

Voter Class For Against
Government 3 4
Citizens 8 20
Total 11 24

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